3 Inspiring Life lessons from Playing Video Games


Video games are very popular today. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Angry Bird and Candy Crush are some of the games many people play around the world. These games may be ideal to help you pass time but there is so much that you can learn from them. Today, we shall be looking at three inspiring life lessons from Playing Video Games. 

Video games encourage you to ‘try again’

Very few people stop playing a video game when they run out ‘lives’. They keep trying and trying until they reach a particular level when they can eventually stop. Regardless of the number of failures, they still return to the game to continue. And if they win, it’s an even bigger motivation. As an educational tool, you can incorporate this small wins into real-life situations by being patient and persevering.


Plan life strategically

Planning is very valuable in any life endeavour. A person that fails to plan plans to fail. There are some games you cannot navigate without planning ahead. You have to plan your next step or else you will keep trying without making any meaningful impact.  Some strategic games that help your planning skills are Call To Duty, Destiny and Battlefield.

It is not all about winning

In a PS4 soccer game, you win some and lose others. Winning is not always guaranteed. Aside from being magnanimous in victory, it also teaches you to be tolerant.

Help you through addiction

Playing a tile-matching puzzle video game for as little as three minutes at a stretch can weaken cravings for drugs, food, sex and sleeping by approximately one-fifth, claims a study. During the study, participants were prompted to play the video game called Tetris at random intervals during the day and were monitored for levels of craving.

The researchers found that playing Tetris interfered with desires not only for food, but also for drugs, including cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, and sex.

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