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4 Reasons why Nigerians Prefer Online Dating


There several reasons many Nigerians prefer online dating. With the proven statistics that there are more women than men in Nigeria, it is ironic that some men visit online dating site in search of love despite the sheer number of beautiful women on the streets of Lagos and other states. Online dating in Nigeria is what we need to look at critically.

Today, there are hundreds of Nigerian dating sites. You just need to Google Nigerian dating sites and the rest is left to you. The question is why do some Nigerians visit these sites? Well, read on as we share some of the reasons many Nigerians visit dating sites.

Easily intimidated by women

Some men freak out when it comes to interacting with women, let alone a woman they are interested in. For them to woo her is wahala. She is expecting and anxious to hear what you have to say because she is willing to give you a chance but you shy away with your tails in between your legs. For this type of men, dating sites is an easy way out of this anomaly. You will find men and women on these sites to select from.


Some Nigerians do not believe in online dating but they are tempted to join the bandwagon because they can give a false impression of themselves. They source pictures of others and use it as their display picture, cut their ages, and say they are single while dating. Even if they meet someone charming online, they are never serious because they are just there for fun!

Online dating

You are single

A dating site is a hub for meeting supposed singles. If you are single, you can check these sites out and if you are lucky, you will meet another single. Before you know it, you are already dating!

To heal Heartbreak

If you just broke up with your long-term partner and want to get over the heartbreak as quickly as possible, some people venture into the world of online dating. Often times than not, they are not interested in any online interactions or relationship because they want to purge themselves of the heartbreak.

Finally, just imagine it is a techie you meant online.  If you are dating or considering dating a techie then you will need the following tips.

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