5 Simple Signs that you need a new Phone


Your phone suddenly starts behaving funny; discharges suddenly, overheats even when you “over use” it, pictures or videos refuses to save to storage unlike before, etc. At this point, these are signs that you need a new phone.

There are several brands of phones available in the tech space today that you will be spoilt for choices. The lifespan of these devices varies. It therefore, follows that the number of years you have used a phone does not really count when it comes to the repair or replacement of a phone. Hence, it is important for you to look out for some signs that will be shared in this article. If you notice or observe anyone of these signs, it is perhaps time to buy a new phone.

It suddenly shuts down

Android shut down

If your phone frequently shuts down while you were calling a number, chatting on WhatsApp or playing a game, then you need to ditch that phone for a new one. You can adjust the batteries but if it still shuts down on it is own, it is requesting that you should let go.


The touch screen takes forever to respond


Your touch screen is meant to respond immediately you swipe your fingers. This is why it is called a touch screen phone. However, if the touch screen is very slow in responding, it may be time to either change the touch screen or purchase a new phone.

Cracked Touch Screen


Of course, you may forget that you put your expensive and latest iPhone in your back pocket and immediately you sit down, it cracks. In other cases, your hands may be slimy and it drops the screen cracks. Hmmm…it destroys the beauty and fancy of the phone. The crack may not affect the touch screen but it makes your phone ‘ugly’. You can only manage it for some time. But someday, the crack will spread and render it unusable. You can take it to computer village in Lagos for repairs or walk into one of the malls and pick a new one.


The Battery life is short


For a battery, you can simply change it. However, if you are lucky you will get a good battery. Aside that, when the original battery does not last more than 15 minutes after being fully charged, you will spend your hard earned money on buying substandard batteries.

You say hello several times


When calling a friend, you have to either shout at the top of your voice for them to hear you or you say hello several times, it means your phone’s speaker is faulty. You may want to get it checked.

Final Word

When you start experiencing the above listed signs, it’s an indication that you need to start going through the list of Android phones that is within budget. If you have other factors not listed here, kindly use the comment box below to tell us.

Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE, a travel and Tech writer, contributed this article from lagos.


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