5 Tips to Improve the Quality of your Skype Call


So, you are excited to jump in to a Skype call with your grandpa, but the quality is less than expected. The video is blurry, the audio echos and cuts out and you can barely make sense of what the person at the other end is like. Before you give in, there are some little tweaks you can apply to improve on the quality of your Skype call.

Skype is fast becoming an integral part of a business. Users can make free and cheap calls as far as they are both registered on Skype. Besides business, it is bridging the gap between couples who are in long distance relationship. If you are heavily reliant on Skype, the quality of your Skype calls must be top notch.


Update Skype app

You should always make sure Skype is updated to the latest version. They improve the quality of video chats with each new version, so if you’re still running a copy from two years ago, you’re probably going to get the same crappy quality you had two years ago.

Internet connection 

The quality of your Skype is largely influenced by your internet connection. The better your network, the better your calls and vice versa. If you cannot use the voice call function due to network, you can revert to sending instant messaging.

Pause all downloads  download

To enjoy your Skype calls, it is advisable to temporarily suspend all downloads because it can disrupt your calls. It is better for your internet connection to be focused on the call rather than being shared with music, video or picture you are downloading. So, whenever you are making a Skype call, pause all your downloads.


Check your volume setting

aside from making calls in a quiet environment, it is also important to check your volume setting to make such it is working properly. In addition  to this, you should ensure that your microphone is working. If the sound is not poor, your voice call on Skype will be traumatic.

Use a good headsetheadphones

You can use any earphone for skyping. However, with a very good headset, there will be no problem with hearing your callers. Whichever headset you choose must be sound proofed.


wired connection

Wireless connection can be unstable or unreliable sometimes. It can disappoint you when you need it most. But, if you have access to a wired connection, it is worthwhile to stick with that. There will be no question of disruption from other wireless devices like phone, watch, camera, laptop and other digital gadgets if you use a wired connection.

These tips should help get you started, and while buying a new webcam or subscribing to faster internet might help, you’ll want to try these easy, low-cost methods before going more extreme.

What do you do to improve the quality of your Skype calls? Let us know in the comments.


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