8 Profitable Ways to Make Money Online – 2016


Many people has been using the internet on a daily basis but probably doesn’t know there are thousands of ways to make money online. There are many opportunities available to start an online based income by sitting at home because the internet is the center of knowledge. The fact is hard work never fails and yes, it is true. If you are giving your hard work, devotion and perseverance to your interest, then no one can stop you to get the goal.

There are several ways, but for the purpose of this article, I have listed here 7 profitable ways to make money online in 2016. Online money making is something like a dream comes true for anyone. Many people take it as a fraud or SCAM, but it is 100% true that anyone can make money online. The earning amount depends on the person’s loyalty for his or her work.

I’ve been using the Internet for a while now, when I was at the peak of Senior Secondary School. At that time, it was just a fun for me. And then, after been members and contributor to some popular forums like Nairaland and Guruslodge, I came to know about online money making ideas. My first income was $60 (around 18,000 Naira). That was not a big amount, but enough for motivation. Let’s come to the topic and know the proven methods for online earning.

1. Networking

Networking has been on for a long while now and those who are into WINTThrills and some others like Helping hands international can testify to it. Personally, i use WINThrills because WIN Network was created to teach people to start and take their business online through branding. You can equally call it a social advertising platform where you can ether advertise your business or promote other peoples businesses and make so much money through platforms like WhatsApp messnger, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. It’s high time you started putting your phone to good use by clicking to joining now!


2. Content Writing

If you are good in writing, then you can easily make your carrier as a content writer. You can create your own niche or can join different content marketing companies. Let’s know how?


In my opinion, there is nothing better than Blogging. If you have a reason to attract visitors, then you can make a handsome amount of money through blogging. It is for those people, who are expert in their field; it may be technology, coding, guiding, cooking, health, fashion, etc. There are thousands of niche you can choose from to start your journey.

How to make money with Blogging?

1) Advertisement: You can monetize your contents and earn money from blogging. Some of the top online advertising companies are Adsense, Media.net, Chitika, infolinks, etc.

2) Sponsored Posts & Reviews: After becoming famous in online industry, you’ll get chance to review products of your niche. This is also a best way to make money online. If your blog has a decent ranking and authority, then different companies will automatically offer you for sponsored post.

3) As a Content Writer: If your writing skill is good, then you can start your online carrier as a freelancer content writer for some sites or publications and earn money like offline jobs. Some of the sites are Listverse, TopTens, iWriter, etc.

3. Video Blogging

A video is more understandable, than a text article. For that reason, many people are started their carrier as a video blogger. A video blogger is must be good in language and presentation. After making a video, which you are expertise, you can publish it to YouTube.

Then you just need to monetize your videos with Google Adsense. After that, you’ll get paid for every visitor who watches your video. Adsense is the best way to earn with contents and videos. Make your own YouTube channel, upload unique videos, monetize and make money online. So, simple.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the another easiest way to make money online. Nowadays, many people are jumping to this field for making money. If you don’t know what is Affiliate marking, then it’s simple meaning is reselling.

If a seller is selling a product, and you help him to increase his selling the seller gives you commission. In that way, you became an affiliate and this is all about Affiliate marketing. You can promote a product through your blog or website or your social networks. You can also sell products through email. Isn’t it easy?

There are many e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga and Kaymu, which have affiliate program. You can join them directly or can join through a third-party website like Commission Junction(cj.com).

If you are the football loving type, you can join Betadvisor and earn by betting or/and referring your friends to join. Join here.

5. Sell your Skill

Here skill means, the Internet-based skills like SEO, Coding, Web designing, Link Building, etc. Internet marketing is growing rapidly, so people need experts to do their work by paying money. If you are expert in these types of fields, then you can easily make money online by helping people or work for them.

Fiverr is the world’s largest place to make money by selling small services. Just create an account on Fiverr.com and start helping people. In this way, you can earn minimum $5 from each person whom work you done. For additional work, you can charge extra amount like $10, $15, $20, etc.

6. As an Online Tutor

People are now preferring online courses more than offline. Because, anyone can take the course at anytime as he or she wants. If you are good in your field and interested to teach others that what to know, then you have the ability to become an online tutor.

For selling your course, you need a website, payment option and other type of stuffs. But, don’t worry, an online site Udemy.com takes care all of these things. You just need to register there, and start selling your course. Here many people of the world are selling their courses like Programming, Business, SEO, Web development and many more.

7. Data / Airtime Resell Business

Today, selling data MB from MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel is trending in Nigeria. You can read up the guide on how to become a data reseller on Glo here, That of MTN here. All you need is an your internet enable smartphones and you are god to go. Why not go through my reseller plans here.

Also selling Airtime has gone beyond setting up an umbrella stand along the streets. Why not advertise on your Facebook walls, to Blackberry contacts as well as WhatsApp contacts. You will be amazed how little incomes per day can turn into mega bulks at the end of every month.

8. Pay For Me Services

Many people need to buy stuffs all around the word but they don’t feel like entering their bank details online. others simply don’t know how to go about the buying. Why not take advantage of this and get people to pay you to help them buy goods online? You don’t need any initial capital to finance this kind of business since you are been paid to buy the required items. Take a look at some of the pay for me services i run here

Final Words

All these seven points are the best ways to make money online in 2016. If there are millions of people are making money online, then why not you? But one thing you must bear in your mind is that every successful work needs patience and dedication.


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