Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Internet Browsing Using VPN on Android


Updated July 18th, 2016: Airtel 0.0K unlimited internet browsing is back! Use this server:

You can now get Airtel 0.0k unlimited internet browsingaccess using VPN – Psiphon, Syphon, Netloop, Tweakware mod etc. This month of July has opened up several unlimited browsing tweaks. First it was with Etisalat unlimited with Psiphon, then with Digitool, as well as with Tweakware. Now, Airtel has joined the free browsing train.

This Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Internet Browsing tweak is working with maximum speed and you can use it to download / browse unlimited. All you need is the required settings as discribed below.


  • You must have 0.0k naira on your airtel line
  • You must not be on any active data plan
  • Clear your Psiphon or any other vpn data and cache
  • Leave your phone APN to the default settings
  • Download Psiphon pro lite, Pronet or Netify VPN (anyone can work)
  • Configure it as follows (Use screenshots as guide):
    Proxy type: Real host
    * Proxy server: (updated server working as at today!)
    * Real proxy type: default
    * Then Click save

Screenshots (a)

Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Internet browsing

Screenshots (b)

Alternative Psiphone settings

Alternative settings; works for both Psiphon and Tweakware Mod.

Note the changes from: to

How to Use Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Internet Browsing on PC

Usually, there is a PC version which is BetaSlat VPN. Presently, it has not been upgraded to work with BB10 plans. The best way to use this tweak with PC is by using Pdanet tethering technique or use DF Tethering Fix method. If you prefer, you can use ISWAT Tethering to connect to PC also.

Note: If your Airtel 0.0k Unlimited Internet Browsing with Psiphon isn’t connecting, just change your Android phone IMEI to the default IMEI. Use any of this guide. Restart your phone and you’re good to go.

Still Can’t Connect?

This tweak seems to be localized. This means,  service may not be live in your location. IF you try the configurations (a) and (b) above and still not able to connect, then this tweak may not work for you.

I like to know your experience with this Airtel unlimited internet browsing cheat… Is it working for you? Let us know using the comment box below.


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    Tanks for the 2 steps both of them did not work for me in my area but will go out and test it somewhere else so I will give u feed back and tanks again for coming to my aid