Best Airtel Internet Data Plan For All Devices in June 2016


This is an updated article containing the best Airtel internet data plan for all devices – PC, Android phones, iOS for the month of June in Nigeria. As the Nigeria telecommunication space get’s more competitive and as new devices are released, so also new internet data plans are evolving everyday. Earlier, we have discussed the Best Glo Internet Data Plan For All Devices in June 2016MTN Get’s New Data Plan; Get 85GB, 50GB & 22GB at a Cheaper Price.

Getting the latest data plan for devices is very important so it is better to stay updated on what tariff plan is available. Today, i will be briefing you guys on the latest and affordable Airtel internet data plan which hopefully, will keep you online in this new month of June.



Airtel 4.4GB Plus N2,600 Airtime for N1,000 (New!)

This plan is actually a tweak. It is a combo of Airtel BIS on Android and Welcome to Airtel. The only requirement here is for you to get a new Airtel SIM. Old sim will never work with this. New sim works because you are on ‘Welcome to Airtel’ package automatically which offers 5 times value on every recharge to new, prepaid customers on the network.

Now, with the bonus N1,000 gotten from Welcome to Airtel, you can use it to subscribe to Airtel BIS which offers an additional 3GB. That is, you will now have 1.4GB plus 3GB which is now 4.4GB. Cool right? See full details here.

Airtel weekend plan reloaded (New!)

Airtel Weekend plan reloaded is not a tweak but actually an extension of the existing Airtel weekend plan. While playing around with this plan, RUBIZTECH found out that this weekend plan can be accumulated within the week prior to weekend. That is, you can start subscribing to Airtel weekend plan right from Monday through Sunday. For each days’ subscription, you get 1GB for N100 and for the 7 days, would have an aggregate of 7GB to use on Saturday and Sunday. Cool right? See full details here.

Welcome to Airtel

Welcome to Airtel is a new PREPAID plan that allows new customers to enjoy 5 times the value of EVERY recharge. So, if you are not a new customer, this is not for you. Though you can migrate to other plans by simply dial the code of your desired plan. However, you will not be able to migrate back to Welcome to Airtel plan. To subscribe to this plan, see more details here.


Airtel Cheap Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria has one cheapest data plan which may of us are not aware of. By this, i am not referring to Airtel internet data plan which have been extensively discussed here but i am talking about a far more cheaper plans approved by Airtel as seen here. Here is what you can get:

  • 100MB = ₦150
  • 250MB = ₦300
  • 500MB = ₦550
  • 750MB = ₦800
  • 1GB = ₦900
  • 2GB = ₦1,700
  • 3GB= ₦2,500
  • See more

These plans have nothing to do with cheat or tweak. It’s 100% legitimate means of getting Airtel internet data plan from a reliable third party data re-seller. You do not need to do anything special other than select your desired plan from the list and make payment here, then contact us with your Airtel mobile number. The data will be transferred to your Airtel line within minutes.

Airtel Bis Plan

For many of us who are not yet aware, you can now use Airtel BIS plan on Android which is 3GB for N1,000. To get it working, you will need to Tweak your Android’s IMEI number. One interesting part of this Airtel BIS plan is that, it works normally without zapping your data and you can use any of the tethering method to wireless share your internet connection from your Android smartphone to other devices.

If it’s still new to you, read more detail about it here.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

Airtel unlimited night plan is unlimited, no speed throttling. If you have a big file to download over the net or you are such that always surf during the night, this is the best plan for you. To Subscribe To The Airtel Night Plan:

  • For 1hour plan, dial *481*1#, cost N100
  • For 3hours plan, dial *481*2#, cost N300
  • For 6hour plan, dial *481*3#, cost N500.

Airtel Weekend Bundle

Airtel Nigeria has introduced weekend and very affordable data plan for her subscribers that will allow them enjoy unlimited internet access during the weekend. The Airtel weekend plan is available to Airtel customers by subscribing to 1024MB (1GB) data for just N100!

The only setback to this plan is that, not all Airtel sim is eligible.

Note: It can only be use on Weekends (Sat – Sun). You can read more details about it here.

Airtel Talk More Plan

Airtel Talk More is an innovative product that allows you get the best value tariff regardless of what network you are calling. Get up to 200% bonus on data, SMS and calls to all networks in Nigeria and top 5 international destinations of USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline. Subscribers who purchase the Airtel Talk More bundle will still be able to enjoy the 200% bonus offer. To subscribe to this plan, see more details here.

Airtel Smart Speedoo Data Plan

This is another important internet data package that you don’t want to miss out on because instead of running out of data, you in fact get rewarded with more megabytes as you continue browsing and downloading online. It is caled the-more-you-surf, the-more-data-you-get plan. To subscribe to this plan, see more details here.


Airtel Blackberry Promo Offer

This offer is one of Airtel’s Blackberry promo and it is still working. Interestingly, you don;t need to tweak your device IMEI number as it works on all devices flawlessly. With N2,000 you can get 4.5GB worth of internet data, but unfortunately not all Airtel lines eligible for this offer. Moreover, it zaps megabytes aggressively. To confirm your eligibility, simply dial *440*161# to verify. If you are eligible, here is how to subcribe:

  • Load your Airtel line with N2,000 Airtime.
  • Then dial *440*161# or *437*1#.
  • You’ll be credited with 4.5GB data bundle valid for 30 days.
  • Dial *141*712*0# or *123*10# to check your data bundle balance.

Airtel 1+1 Offer

For those who need much data, you can now subscribe to Airtel 9GB with N3,500 and the plan will last for 2 months. This is not a new plan, it was launched in October  2014. Initially, this plan was officially stopped, but is back again. As usual, not all sim are eligible for this offer, simply dial *438*1# to check if you are eligible. To Subscribe for Android bundle of 9GB for 3.5k

  • Load your Airtel line with N3,500 Airtime.
  • Then dial *438*1#.
  • You’ll be credited with 9GB data bundle valid for 60 days.
  • To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223#.

Airtel Unlimited

Airtel unlimited is a plan currently working on all sim card to power all chat applications like BBM, Facbook, Telegram, etc for the entire month. Good thing is that it powers operamini for your internet browing pleasure. The cost is N300 and you can get the full details here.

Other Available Airtel Data Plans

This is a complete list of all latest Airtel Internet data plan, subscription codes and prices that are officially listed on Airtel website and are available for use to all Nigerians. See more details here.

Here you go! All Airtel customers are eligible for the above offers. Is there any other Airtel internet data plan you know off that is not listed? Kindly let us know by using the comment box below.

This article is updated every month to reflect the latest internet data tariff/plan from Airtel Nigeria.


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