Andronium OS Turns Android into Windows-like Desktop


Having an Android smartphone and Android Tablet could be great but there are days when you end up pining for a more Windows-like or desktop-like approach to computing. Fortunately, there is a new app in the block that can smartphone Windows-like and this article contains how to turn Android into Windows-like desktop using Android OS app.

Android is based on Linux operating system. There is a big difference in looks and feel between Linux OS in your computer and Linux in your mobile phone. Computer OS, like Windows is more familiar and user-friendly to use. Though, some smartphones provide multi-window support which is little bit similar to your desktop view. How would it be, if you can get the exact Windows experience in your Android phone or tablet?

That’s where the Andronium OS app project comes in. To bring Windows approach to using your tablet or phablet. The Andromium OS can turn Android into Windows-like desktop thereby giving an Android environment more conducive to work and multitasking and the use of a keyboard and mouse.


Andromium OS is not really an os. It’s an app that you can obtain from Google play store and set up on most mobile phones and tablets operating Android 4.4.2 or later. Although the designers suggest a system with a Snapdragon 800 or quicker processor and at least 2GB of RAM.

Upon installation and running on my Infinix HOT 2, it turned my phone’s home screen into more like the one you see on your Windows laptop screen. That familiar taskbar environment: start menu, and status icons at the bottom left, info about the time, battery level, and wireless connection are all visible.

Andronium OS. / © Rubiztech

Andronium OS. / © Rubiztech

Clicking on the start menu at the bottom right reveals the Andronium OS browser, File Explorer, Andronium apps, Supported apps, Untested app and the Suspend icon with which you can use to turn-off the Androinium OS and take you right back to your original Android OS interface.

See full slide screenshots of Andromium OS:

[tie_slideshow] [tie_slide]Slide 1 | Androinium OS [/tie_slide] [tie_slide]Slide 2 | Androinium OS [/tie_slide] [tie_slide]Slide 3 | Androinium OS [/tie_slide] [tie_slide]Slide 4 | Androinium OS [/tie_slide] [tie_slide]Slide 5 | Androinium OS [/tie_slide] [/tie_slideshow]

While on the Windows’s-like environment, i realize i needed to double-click – or double tap – an app icon to run it. The apps launched in a window that i could minimize and maximize at will.


Each of these applications opens in a window that allows drag and drop, minimize, or close. You can also minimize and maximize the web browser and the file explorer to enjoy the full Windows like experience.

Andromium OS app, though still in beta version and available free for a short time as part of its community try out, is a cool app to turn Android into Windows like desktop and you can pick it up via the download link below: 

Quite an interesting, don’t you think?


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