Angry Birds 2 For Android, iPhone and iPad Launched


Rovio has released Angry Birds 2, the first sequel to the most popular game that was released 6 years back. Visuals and gameplay have been overhauled from the ground up with multiple stages in each level and new spells, including blizzards, magic ducks and even hot chili peppers to wield against the pigs, said the company.

It retains the usual slingshot format, lets fans to challenge other gamers worldwide and also choose their own fowl to fling.

Highlights of Angry Birds 2

  • Collect and choose your own birds, build your flock and master new slingshot strategies to discover new and amazing worlds on Piggy Island
  • Play through jaw-droppingly stunning multi-stage levels brimming with exotic plants, quirky details and plenty of peril
  • Use spectacular spells to pop the pigs with blizzards, chilis and magic ducks for maximum destruction
  • Defeat the new end-of-stage evil boss piggies — such as the infamous King Pig, Foreman Pig and Chef Pig — to discover new worlds and get the eggs back from the baddies
  • For once and for all, settle who is the best and most hardcore Angry Birds player in the world by entering the Arena. Here you can challenge other players across the world and earn feathers to level up your flock
  • Earn Gems for extra birds, lives and tickets by playing the game and completing quests, and by watching videos or paying with real money

Download Angry Birds 2 (Free with in-app purchases) – Android | iPhone and iPad

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