Top 6  Keyboard Apps That Makes Typing Interesting


There are some smartphone keyboard apps that make typing frustrating due to their slow response time. However, you do not need to depend on the keyboard that comes with your phone as there are now keyboards which have cool features and make typing more fun.

If you want to improve your efficiency and have more fun with your mobile devices, it is high time for you to check out these keyboard apps shared below These apps are available on both iPhone and Android Operating Systems and while some of them are free, you have to pay to get others.

Best 6 Keyboard Apps For Smartphones

Android N Keyboard


For those of you who want to experience Android N keyboard, from Google’s latest upcoming OS, can now install on any Android device using the Android N Keyboard APK file. The new Android N keyboard now have cool features like custom themes (different colors/your own image) along with keyboard height option similar to LG G5 keyboard. If you have larger device like Galaxy Note 5 or S7 Edge, this will help you make the keyboard bigger and make typing easier, especially if you have large hands. Android N Keyboard now also have one-handed mode.  Simply hold and drag to the one-handed mode icon from your enter key to activate it. Download here.


Bitmoji does not only make typing fun, it also gives users the chance to design an avatar of themselves and customize it. To create your avatar, you can select from a range of hairstyles, outfits, as well as eye colour. The emojis or avatars are also open for use when chatting. 

GIF keyboard

Graphic Interchange Format keyboard (GIF) allows you search for relevant GIFs to express your thoughts and feelings. What you can’t express with emoji, you can with GIFs. With this app, you can search for as many GIFs as you want. 

Google Board (Gboard)

Keyboard apps: Google Board (Gboard)

This all-in-one app has various of functions like searching for GIFs, swipe to text, web-enabled search buttons for videos, weather, restaurants, and images. You can also find information online with its built-in Google search engine.


This is an intelligent app that attempts to learn your writing style. Afterwards, it begins to predict your net line of thoughts or words. It has over 800 emojis and you can also customize your keyboard with any colour of your choice. This keyboard is very fast which means that you have to properly edit your text before sending it because of auto-correct. 


If you do not fancy sending emojis, and prefer stickers, Stickzilla is the app to download. The app offers countless animal sticker with different expressions. 

Here you go! The 6 top best smartphone keyboard apps listed above are among several other keyboard apps you can get from either iTunes or Google play store. Use them to make your phone take on a different unique look every time. Are you using any of them at present or you have one in mind you want to share with us?


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