Buying a Bluetooth Headset Made Easier


Most of the people don’t even realize the need of Bluetooth Headset until they use one. The wired hands-free device is offered for free with mobiles and that is the reason why most of the people end up using it instead of buying new hi-tech device. The need and application of Bluetooth Headset it felt only after using this device as it not just offers convenience of use but is also useful because of the clarity of sound that it offers.

Bluetooth headsets may work on same principle and the output would appear to be the same but if you are buying it for yourself then you better check out the tips below to know what suits you best.

Different Wearing Styles

All these headsets may differ at one major point – Wearing Style!

  • Wearing it over the head – This is bulky but common design and have been there from years. People may wear this over the head device to get clear sound quality and to enjoy music at its fullest. Listening to music is one of the primary uses of this headset as it covers the ears and the head band keeps them at place. The problem with this headset is its weight and volume. It doesn’t fit into your pocket or it is not easy to keep on head all the time due to its weight. These days many new sleek designs have been introduced with similar voice quality but lower weight and volume.
  • Wearing behind the neck – The headset with neckband is one of the most preferred designs as it is sleek, lightweight, stays at place, offers clarity of sound, and most importantly easy to wear for long hours. Neckband stays behind the neck and may not cause any sort of inconvenience to the one wearing it.
  • Fix it on the ear – This is the mini-version for the traditional headset. It doesn’t go inside your ear but fit on the ear. The advantage of this headset is its design that offers sound clarity, convenience, good fitting, and is absolutely lightweight. Usually it stays in place with the help of headband that is not very bulky. It covers of the disadvantages of in-ear headsets and takes forward their advantages.
  • Loops behind the ear – It is in-ear type of ear piece but quite steady as it loops around the ear. It is not very big but there is C-shaped loop that would fit according to your ear shape.
  • In-ear headset – This is the simplest of all. It fits directly in the ear and is very small in size. The problem with this headset is that it doesn’t stay at place if you keep on moving. Again it is difficult to get the exact fit for every ear. 

Factors worth consideration

  • Buy the headset with standard micro USB port as it will make charging easier.
  • Go for the one that has multiple connectivity as it would allow you to keep one headset for all your devices.
  • Some headsets come with voice command that makes controlling it easier.

Bluetooth headset may only be an accessory but the appropriately chosen one would make your life easier.

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