How To Bypass FRP Lock On Any Samsung Mobile Phone


Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP lock) is a new security feature to protect your device/android smartphone from unauthorized access. Peradventure you misplace your device or it got stolen, you can use Clap to find App, Google Find My Phone method or use the FRP technique as explained in this article. 

Prior to the addition of this feature, you can have free access to your device when you reset your smartphone in an attempt to fix phone errors or due to some other reasons best known to you. As of today, this has been made impossible by the FRP lock i.e. once you reset your smartphone, you will need to login with the Gmail account that was previously synchronized with the smartphone.

This security feature which was intentionally meant to prevent phone thieves from accessing your personal files when they make an hard reset has also been affecting the phone owners. What i mean is, there are times when you forget your device pattern combination, password or pin. In times like this when there is nothing you can do other than make a hard reset(a reset that will restore your device to the factory settings).

Making a hard reset is easy but the welcome screen after the reset is what will make you frustrated. You will be required to login with the google account whose password combination you’ve forgotten, this feature is only available on Android 5.1 Lollipop and higher versions. In this tutorial, I will teach you the simplest/easiest way to bypass FRP lock on any Samsung device.

Method 1

This is an old method that works on older Samsung devices i.e. those that were released into the mobile market 5-6 years ago. The requirements for this includes;

How to remove FRP lock through settings.apk

This doesn’t require much effort, all you have to do is follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Place the downloaded settings.apk at the root folder of your memory card i.e. do not put in any folder at all.
  2. Start the affected smartphone.
  3. Once you get to the FRP lock screen, connect your OTG cable.
  4. From there the files on the memory card should pop up i.e. you will have access to the files on the memory card.
  5. Click on the settings.apk that you downloaded.
  6. It will take you to the phones default settings.
  7. From there, navigate to backup and reset.
  8. Reset your smartphone from there.
  9. Once your phone boots up, the FRP lock screen should have been bypassed.

The above method pretty much works but due to the update in Goolge’s security patch, it doesn’t work on all devices and that’s why I have researched on another means by which you can bypass the lock yourself without paying for your phone repairer’s pepper soup session.

Method 2

This is a new method to bypass Google FRP lock, this works with virtually all Samsung devices (it has been tested by me). The requirements for this includes;

  • Samsung SideSync for PC – Download here.
  • Quickshortcutmaker.apk – Download here.
  • A PC with internet connection.
  • A wifi hotspot source.
  • A good USB chord.
  • A little patience.

Now to the main tutorial, kindly follow the steps below carefully in order to bypass the FRP lock all by yourself.

  1. Boot up the affected smartphone.
  2. Connect it to the available WiFi hotspot.
  3. Install the downloaded Side Sync on your PC.
  4. Run Samsung Side Sync on your PC.
  5. Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  6. On your smartphone screen, you should have an option to select a browser of your choice.
  7. Select any you feel like using.
  8. Come back to this post and download the provided Quickshortcutmaker.apk that is provided above.
  9. Once downloaded, navigate to your browser’s history, then download history.
  10. Install the downloaded app and run it after installation.
  11. In the search box provided in the app, search for google manager and closely look at the details below each available results.
  12. Click the one with email and password.
  13. You will be prompted to enter your email password.
  14. At the top right corner, there is a three dot icon there, click on it and select the option to login through browser.
  15. Login with any gmail account of your choice.
  16. Make use of the back navigation button after login until you get to the FRP lock screen.
  17. Continue with the normal new device setup.
  18. Your device FRP lock has been removed.

This tutorial is mainly for educational purpose, I will not be liable for any usage outside of this concept. Thanks for following this tutorial to the very end.



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