How to Change an Android ID, IMEI using Phone ID Changer Pro


Phone ID changer pro is the best alternative for those intending to change the value of of their Android’s IMEI, Android Id, Serial Number, Wifi Mac Address as well as the service set identifier (SSID) of the current wifi network. This app uses the secure settings API to write the ANDROID_ID, and it grants itself the relevant permission using the package manager executable. In this article, we shall be looking at how to use the Phone ID changer to achieve it.

This piece was inspired by Naheed of RUBIZTECH WhatsApp group. He needed to use several Sliide Airtime accounts on one Android phone and after using the manual method to alter the Sliide Airtime app and got a whooping N4,000 naira worth of MTN Airtime, the airtime was reverted moments later to it’s initial N110 naira.

What Happened To His 4k Credit

Device ID changer was used in the process above. The app succeeded in changing the phone’s ID but could not hold on to the changed status for long. The ID was reverted to it’s original state which made Sliide Airtime to “see” the device as one that has been registered hence restored the amount of N110 naira back. Got it now? Ok, Let’s proceed.

Warning: Use with caution, if you damage or brick your device. Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions properly.

Introducing Phone ID Changer Pro

Unlike Device ID Changer, The Phone ID Changer comes with more advance features; ability to change Android’s IMEI, Android Id, Serial Number, Wifi Mac Address as well as the service set identifier (SSID) of the current wifi network. This app is a paid app ( less that N600 naira), so you are encouraged to patronized the developers.


In addition to the above, just because your phone is rooted doesn’t mean Xposed is installed; it’s a separate zip that you must flash using your  custom recovery. This is an add-on to a main “app” on your device that you install. If your confused please use the comment box and ask questions.


Before You Preceed

xposed*.zip: Must be flashed with a custom recovery (e.g. TWRP, Flashify) to install the framework especially for those using Lollipop and Marshmallow.


  • Change the value of IMEI, Android Id, Serial Number( may not work with some devices), Wifi Mac Address and service set identifier (SSID) of the current wifi network.
  • You can random or manual set these values.
  • Backup and restore ids.


  • Install app.
  • Enable module in xposed framework.
  • Open app and enter new values.
  • Reboot ( or soft reboot).
  • Done, the value of IMEI,Android Id,Serial No has changed.

What’s New

  • Add new options.
  • Add Google Advertising Id
  • Add Bluetooth Mac Address.
  • Fix serial no. not change in some devices.
  • Fix some bugs
  • Add restore the origin ids function


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HERE v1.5.1 APK (1.0 MB) / Mirror /Mirror / Mirrors


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