Chibok Girls Location Disclosed By Governor Shettima


On Tuesday, May 19, The state governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima disclosed where the missing children were likely held. As reported by a blog yesterday, the Governor made this claim at a conference in Abuja. This might become the final step on the way to the Chibok girls rescue.

Bulama Mala Gubio, the secretary of Borno Elders Forum said

We are suspecting that Chibok girls are living with the insurgents in bunkers, I think the military must carry out their operations beyond the surface earth.

“They (Boko Haram) were also known to have dug tunnels to enable them move from house to house. So, having been left unchallenged for such a long time, such possibilities cannot be ruled out which poses serious obstacles within the forest.

The insurgents used their bases in the Sambisa Forest to launch deadly attacks and make quick retreat to their base which enabled them capture and take over control of all the local government areas bordering Nigeria with Cameroon, Chad and Niger, thus effectively cutting off the three neighbouring countries thereby declaring what they assumed was their their independent territory (caliphate)

Shettima, was also quoted to have urged the incoming government to transform the forest and put it to profitable use after totally ridding of terrorists there.

Unless and only if the Sambisa Forest is effectively recovered from the occupation of the terrorists can we think of defeating the Boko Haram and begin to comprehensively embark on a holistic approach for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the North-East. In fact, at several stages, the Borno state government had intervened to reconstruct destroyed schools, health centres, homes, markets and so on, only for the insurgents to attack and destroy them again,



Criticizing President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration over neglecting the region affected by insurgency, the Governor said

As a government, we have spent over N600 million, but all we have received from the Federal Government is N200 million. The same Federal Government has approved over N2 billion on dancers (entertainers) as loan,”  

Recently, it was reported by  several people who escaped from Boko Haram have said they saw some of the girls in Gwoza, Borno state.

Several local and global forces have made several efforts to locate the Chibok Girls who abducted more than a year ago. Time was passing by and the children remained in captivity.

Within the past month the Nigerian troops have rescued hundreds of women and children from Sambisa Forest. The operation in the insurgents’ hideout continues after been under attack for not been able to rescue the hostages. Shettima’s claims has again rekindle hopes that the Chibok girls would be freed soon.


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