DF Tethering Fix: Share VPN Network From Mobile To All Devices


This guide aims to teach you “How to Use DF Tethering Fix Android Application to Share VPN Internet Connection From An Android Mobile Device To Your Laptop, or Any Other Device” for free.

DF Tethering Fix allows you to remove limitation on tethering imposed by android and let you use your mobile Vpn networks such as Simple Android Server, Psiphon, OpenVpn, Tweakware etc. You can share the network using your mobile wireless hotspot.

ISWAT Tether Unlocker APK is another option for those who wants to tether and share their network when using a VPN but unlike DF Tethering Fix app, the former stops working after a period of time and you will be prompted to buy the premium.

Advantage of DF Tethering Fix app

  1. You don’t need to install any apps on the other device you want to share the network to.
  2. It has no limitation.


  • May not work with 4G access points.
  • On Huawei devices (maybe other devices, too) BusyBox is stillneeded

There are several easy ways to root your device. Follow these guide to ROOT YOUR DEVICE.

How Does DF Tethering Fix Work?.

It is an easy-to-use and portable app. Follow the instructions below to get it working:


  • Then lunch the DF Tethering app on your phone.

Df TetheringFix_Launch_Rubiztech

  • Click on FIX TETHERING until “Tethering Fixed” shows up.

DF TetheringFix_Rubiztech

  • Now go to your pc/tabs/etc and turn on you Wi-Fi, search for the network and connect to the wireless network.
  • Done!

What To Do If You Are Not Getting A Connection Via DF Tethering Fix?

Is the connection established but no internet access when you launch your browser? Not to worry. Just do the following to quickly fix it.

It will interest you to note that you can also turn your laptop into a Wireless Hotspot and share your Internet connection with any wireless device using UC Browser Virtual Hotspot or MyPublicWiFi: Best Alternative to Connectify Hotspot Pro.



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