Dochase to rival Google Adwords for brands & Adsense for publishers


Looking for good Google AdSense alternative can be due to several reasons. As a newbie blogger, creating an AdSense account and getting approval is not particularly an easy process. The real problem emerges when Google bans your AdSense account! The phrase “Your Google AdSense account has been disabled or temporarily banned” is familiar to you, right? Well, just know that you are not alone.

Everyday, hundreds or thousands of accounts are being banned from Google’s AdSense program. Why? I can’t tell you specifically. Either there’s something wrong with the web you’re putting you ads on, or you just simply missed one rule from Google’s TOS.


Instead of crying or bashing Google in multiple forums (actually, this is a very bad idea), remember the world is not over yet. There are plenty of best Google AdSense alternatives out there to try. I have been using some of them especially AdQuet for a while. Google was just your first one, and you failed.

Dochase; Good Google AdSense Alternative

Dochase; Google AdSense Alternative

Dochase, Nigeria’s largest Ad platform, has been tipped as Google AdSense alternative. The team at watched for a long time how global giants, Google Inc held a strong monopoly over publishers and brands especially in Nigeria. With their stringent advertising policy, top Nigerian blogs has been disqualified and seldom re-accepted after a long time.


This led to collusion and creation of Dochase is a platform that wants to reward bloggers and publishers, as well as give brands the relevant platform that will lead to mega returns for their brand.

With top advertisers like Shell, Fujitsu, Cisco, SPS, BDEING, etc already using and making returns from the platform, Dochase is very excited to be extending and improving its presence in Nigeria. For bloggers in Nigeria, they are a good Google AdSense alternative.

Dochase Adverts will help you grow your blog / website traffic and e-commerce business to world class. You spend spend less but reach people all over Nigeria. No need to be worried with changes in dollar or payment restrictions as you will get paid directly into your bank account in Naira. For those who prefer PayPal option, they have you covered also.

Dochase Ads are optimize to reach their target customers in internet and mobile Nigeria. They reach ads on mobile and desktop across all high traffic sites in Nigeria. So what are you waiting for?

To sign up on Dochase, visit


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