Transfer Files to Android From PC Using Es File Explorer


You can use Es File Explorer to transfer files to Android from PC. Now, you are wondering why you should use this app to transfer files when there are traditional technology available for transferring files like Bluetooth or USB cable? The reason is because in Bluetooth technology, the speed or rate of transfer is slow while in USB cable connection, though the speed is OK, you have to set up and connect each time. Why not use a wireless technology like that of Bluetooth which offers better speed as much as USB cable but with one time setup? Read on for the guide.

Es File Explorer is the one of the most common used and popular file manager for android. However, this application is not only serve file managing task but also you can transfer files from PC to Android device.

Free, Safe, Simple, Manage your files efficiently and easily with ES File Explorer (File Manager). ES File Explorer (File Manager) is a full-featured file (Images, Music, Movies, Documents, app) manager for both local and networked use. It helps manage your android phone and files efficiently and effectively and share files without data cost.

How to Transfer Files from PC to Android Using Es File Explorer

1) Install Es File Explorer to your android device. It is a free app, which is available in Google Play store. 

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lick on the Share button. / © Rubiztech

Click on the Share button. / © Rubiztech

4) Now you need to enter list of user that you going to share the file. It is better to write “Everyone” and hit the Add button.

File Sharing setup. / © Rubiztech

File Sharing setup. / © Rubiztech

5) After this, the Everyone user field is created. You just need to click on the field and make it as Read/Write and hit Share then Done then Close. Now you are done with the steps on your PC.


6) We proceed with these steps in your Android device. First, go to the Es File Explorer and click the icon on the top right corner. You will see the vertical option list. Here you need to select the Network, it will expand, and then you need to select LAN option.

Es Explorer setup. / © Rubiztech

Es Explorer setup. / © Rubiztech

6) Now tap on the New button and fill the all information to transfer files from PC to android.

  • The first field is Domain name. You need not enter any thing in this field because you are in your own PC.
  • The second field is Server; you need to enter the IP address of your PC. Simply get the IP address of your PC by just using “ipconfig” command on command prompt. Here, the IPV4 address is your PC’s IP address. as shown below:
    IP address from CMD. / © Rubiztech

    IP address from CMD. / © Rubiztech


  • Then enter your PC’s User name and password and optionally you can fill Display as. In the example below, the field is PC (It is optional). Then press ok.
    Es Explorer LAN setup. / © Rubiztech

    Es Explorer LAN setup. / © Rubiztech

  • 7) Now you can see the desktop folders on your Android device. Click on it and all the the files that in that folder will appear. Now proceed to transfer files from PC to android. Copy and Paste any file on the folder to view in both devices.

Final Word

By this method you can transfer files faster and wirelessly. It only needs a LAN connection (Wi-Fi) with which your both devices are connected. It is a simple method for transfer files from PC to android. No need to congregate your PC and Android device like USB connection just congregate once and transfer or manage file many time and any time.


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