Etisalat BIS Unlimited Browsing Not Working? Here is a Fix


Just few days of announcing Etisalat BIS unlimited internet browsing using Psiphon and Digitool, many subscribers have not been able to subcribe to Etisalat BIS plan as they get Sorry, the operation failed. Please try again. Thank you for using Etisalat. Not to worry, this article will seek to provide a fix.

As earlier noted, what you need is to subscribe to the Etisalat Blackberry plan. We have been using he blackberry 10 plans but it seems that package is presently not available. While looking for a solution, we realized that the MID plans works as well with a slight change to the psiphon proxy server.

So, if you are already subscribed to the daily or weekly Blackberry 10 plans, first dial *343*0# to cancel any current plans. Then use the following codes to resubscribe.

blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM®

Send keyword to 339 or use the USSD code below:

Monthly: 1500 | *599*3# | MMID

Weekly: 550 | *599*1# | WMID

Daily: 100 | *599*2# | DMID

Once plan is activated, configure your smartphone access point settings by changing APN/Access Point Name to –

Then proceed and change your Psiphon Proxy Server from to Then, force close your Psiphon app and restart again. Woo ooh! You are back online.

Etisalat BIS unlimited with psiphon

If it doesn’t connect, disconnect/reconnect your modem/data. Then try again. Keep disconnecting/reconnecting till it connects. Enjoy your Etisalat BIS unlimited.

You have any issues? Let us know by using the comment box below


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