Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry Subscription plans, codes, prices


This is the lastest Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry Subscription plans, codes and prices in Nigeria after updating both their manual internet settings and blackberry plans.

As  Nigeria’s fourth GSM operator, Etisalat Nigeria is on the top of managing Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services (EMTS), it began commercial operations as Etisalat Nigeria in October 2008, now operating with over 14 million subscribers in Nigeria and recently launched one of the first major mobile broadband services in Nigeria named EasyBlaze, which offers efficient various Internet data plans to suite your need.

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Etisalat Nigeria slashed the price of Blackberry Complete (BBC) to N1000 naira. As of now subscribers to it’s BBC can now subscribe to the monthly plan at a reduced price of N1,000 only down from its former price of N1,500.

Moreover, when you subscribe to any of the blackberry plans, you will enjoy the superfast speed etisalat offers even get an option to call at 20k/sec just by buying any of the voice plans.

Find below the complete Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry subscription plans, codes and prices. The updated manual internet configuration thereafter.

Updated – 29 March, 2016 | source

Etisalat blackberry 10 plan

The new BlackBerry 10 plans from etisalat offer all the BBM you’ll ever need with unlimited access for the duration of your plan. Even when your data runs out, you’ll be able to chat on BlackBerry Messenger, as the service is not charged from your data bundle. Each of these plans come in a variety of time plans.
Etisalat blackberry 10 plan
plan data price(N) *voice
non-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM® monthly 260MB 1000 *599*2# MLITE
weekly 70MB 350 *599*2*1# WLITE
daily 10MB 70 *599*2*2# DLITE
blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM® monthly 500MB 1500 *599*3# MMID
weekly 125MB 550 *599*3*1# WMID
daily 15MB 100 *599*3*2# DMID
blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM® monthly 1536MB 3000 *599*4# MMAX
weekly 360MB 1100 *599*8# WMAX
daily 50MB 200 *599*7# DMAX

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Absolute And Complete Plans

The new Absolute plan gives you the full BIS package for half the price! Separate work and personal messages by creating up to ten emails accounts.

Etisalat Blackberry Absolute and Complete plans
plan duration *voice opt-in non-voice opt-in price (₦)
blackberry absolute monthly *499*1# *399*1# 1500
weekly *499*6# *399*6# 550
daily *499*5# *399*5# 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*2# *369*3# 1500
blackberry complete monthly *499*3# SMS COM to 399 1000
weekly *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399 500
daily *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*1# *369*4# 1000

Full BBC Plan features:  

  • Internet Browsing
  • 1 web-based email account (yahoo, gmail, MSN, etc)
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Instant Messaging on yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, Google talk
  • BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
  • BlackBerry email (
  • BlackBerry App World.

How to Check your data balance on Etisalat Blackberry Service (BIS)

To check your data balance, either use USSD code by dialing *228# and send or self-care by dialing *200#, and select check balance.

How to Stop Etisalat Blackberry Service (BIS)

Here is how to deactivate an etisalat BIS bundle

Text STOP to 229 or dial *229*0#

You will receive a confirmation message deactivating your BIS service. You will need to purchase any of the plans to be activated.

Etisalat Manual Internet Settings

By popular demand, Here is the Etisalat Manual Internet settings for those in need

Please note that the following mobile Internet settings are applicable to GPRS or 3.7G. The major values to watch for are the APN, IP and port.
  •     Account Name:                        Etisalat Nigeria
  •     Access Point Name (APN):        etisalat
  •     IP Address:                    
  •     Port:                                        8080 or 9201
  •     Username:                                blank
  •     Password:                                 blank

That is all and i hope you find this information useful. Meanwhile, you may want to check Etisalat Smartpaks Subscripton Codes For Unlimited Browsing


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