Etisalat Socialpak Capped? Etisalat Release New Tariff Plan



Browsing with Etisalat Socialpak plans – Socialme, Chatpak, Social Media Only – which offers unlimited internet browsing, has been one of the tweaks enjoyed by many of us whether you are on daily, weekly or monthly subscription but there seems to be a new development. Etisalat released new data plans simply to cap Socialpak tweak?

There has been diverse opinion on what exactly has happened and the question: If it’s now capped, what is the actual data size allotted? Well, i will try to answer some of these questions in this article.

I use the Etisalat Socialpak plan also with Tweakware vpn premium until i got two text messages from Etisalat.One stating that i have reached the maximum speed and throttling now applies while the other reads that i have reached the maximum data usage. I thought it was a joke until i tried to connect with Tweakware as usual but it was not connecting. My subcription is barely 3days old and not getting a connection – which is rare – got me on alert.

It was not long when i started getting mails, calls, SMS as to, if Etisalat Socialpak tweak has been blocked. Users
Syphon and Tweakware premium account alike with same complaint. All wasn’t connecting. To confirm, I decided to re-sub for the weekly plan by dialing *343*6*10# which goes for N150, after subscribing to the plan, my Tweakware connected in seconds.

After much observations, i noticed Etisalat socialme tweak is now capped about 2GB.

Reports reaching me seems to differ though. Some said they could only use between 500mb to 1GB before it stopped working.

It’s really disappointing and annoying because this tweak has been saving many internet users from huge amount of money. Unfortunately, Etisalat did not give a code to check data balance of the Socialpak subscription as it is now
data capped.

What’s the Way Forward?

We survived it when MTN BB 10 plans was capped and this won’t be any different. Looking closely, Etisalat released a new set of data tariff yesterday. Below is the details:

New Etisalat Data plan

New Etisalat Data planDid you also received such message

Though, not exactly “cheap”. They simply not want to be left behind the latest changes going on the telecommunication industry.

For instance, Airtel has released new data tariffs which i think it’s worth taking a look at here and the best part is the trending Airtel BIS plan.

The Y’ellow network is a pace setter in massive changes this season too. The recently MTN pulse plan that offers night browsing for just N25 and other wonderful MTNsurprises are plans you might want to consider.

Glo is not left out in this “change” sweeping across the telecos tariff plan. You don’t want to miss out on Glo night and weekend plan that goes for 1GB at N200  and lots more. Get all the scoop here.

I will not forget to mention that Spectranet cheat  is still working but ONLY available to Abuja residents. You will need to contact me for full details as it is highly coded.


Truth is, saying farewell to Etisalat socialpak plan is hard but we have to let go. What is the data size you guys are getting? What other options of cheap browsing are you now using? Use the comment box below and let us know.


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