Top 9 Free Android, iOS Apps For Busy Nigerian Mothers


In my mind, busy Nigerian mothers need all the help they can get, apps included. Moms looking up to their busy schedule with a little help from technology, whether it’s meeting targets at work, taking care of their babies and families, or simply utilizing an online village of support in the sometimes difficult world of been a mother, an app made for busy Nigerian mothers might be just the ticket.

Today’s Nigerian mothers no longer want to sit at home. They also want to contribute economically to their families. Hence, they have so much on their plate and can only do their best. But with mobile apps, they can achieve more. Just as we have listed top 5 business apps for every Nigerian entrepreneur, there are tons of helpful apps for busy Nigerian mothers.

Best 9 Free Apps For Busy Nigerian Mothers

1.) Preggie

Moms looking for a community to talk with about breastfeeding concerns may appreciate the Preggie app, which offers users the opportunity to join a community of fellow mothers. Users can search through previous content for help with nursing positions, advice, and product recommendations, but mostly the moms talk to each other live on the main news feed, like a contemporary variation on the traditional ‘village’ support system. Free on iTunes and on Google Play: 

2.) ContinuousCare

This is an app for everything related to health. It is possible for you to store appointments, medical records, medical questions and providing up-to-date information of ongoing treatment of you and your family. It is available on iTunes and Google play store. Free on iTunes and on Google Play:

3.) Chorma

Chorma for chores

The app allows every member of your family do their chores as at when due. You can also earn points for completed task. This fun app encourages them to do their chores. Not available for Android devices but Free on iTunes.

4.) Happy Kids Timer

If you are in haste or out of town, your kids do not have to miss their routine. With the Happy Kids timer, children can establish a morning routine that doesn’t require your direct supervision. This app teaches them everything they have to know from brushing their teeth and making their beds. You see, you don’t have to be there! Free on iTunes and on Google Play: 

5.) Baby Nursing

Busy Nigerian Mother looking into her phone

This app not only allows moms to track feedings, but also gives the option to capture those little memories that make breastfeeding special. You can add text, video, or pictures in real-time to create a live baby book as you go. Free on iTunes and on Google Play: 

6.) TaskRabbit

It is not always easy for busy mothers to complete a task because of their loaded schedule. With TaskRabbit, you can delegate the responsibilities of completing the task to your friend or significant other. From grocery shopping to food delivery and home chores, all can be listed with this app. Free on iTunes and on Google Play: 

7.) MomsPumpHere

It is important for breastfeeding mums to have this app on their phones. The app helps locate convenient spots for you to pump breast milk and nurse your baby in comfort. Free on iTunes and on Google Play: 

8.) Eat and Sleep

Free Apps For Busy Nigerian Mothers

If you have multiple children you’d like to keep track of data for, or you are looking for a simple, free, no-fuss app that will help you log the basics (eating, sleeping, and diapering), then this is the app for you. Only available on iTunes for Free iTunes.

9.) Smallnest

Smallnest iOS app for busy Nigerian Mothers

Been busy as a nursing mother is hard. Smallnest makes parents better at it. Moms love Smallnest because it syncs to all your Apple devices, including Dad’s and nanny’s, and it is “baby brain” proof. Easily track feedings, sleep and diapers and share progress. Free on iTunes.

Adeniyi OGUNFOWOKE, a travel and Tech writer, contributed this article from lagos and edited by RUBIZTECH.


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