Free healthcare coming to 100 million Nigerians


The federal government of Nigeria, under the country’s new public health agenda, is to provide free health services to 100 million Nigerians in the next two years.

Isaac Adewole, the Minister of Health, announced plans for the future during his interview at “The Osasu Show” aired on African Independent Television.

The minister touched on the primary healthcare, malnutrition, maternal mortality rate and other vital issues. The government plans “to revitalise the primary healthcare services and adopt the universally accepted concept of one primary healthcare centre per political ward.”

Mr Adewole said: “One of the things we want to do under the revitalised PHC programme is that each of these revitalised, reinvigorated PHC will have an industrial borehole so that we can offer water to the people, clean drinkable water.

“There will be solar electricity so we can have the ability to keep our vaccines in safe conditions. We will then use this new reinvigorated primary healthcare centres for the focus of community development nationwide.”

Stressing that local nurses, mid-wives and village workers to manage the primary healthcare facilities.

“If we do not (do this), people will not use the facilities. We are not going to import someone from Port Harcourt to work in Sokoto. We are looking at people in the Sokoto environment who speak the language and understand the culture.

The new model we are operating will also have villager workers who will oscillate between the facilities and the community and we will promote ownership by telling them the facilities are theirs and not for the federal government or state but that it belongs to them as a community.”

Buhari’s administration will surprise everybody “When we flag it off, it is going to be one PHC per day to show Nigerians that we mean business. We will surprise everybody! We are serving under a leadership that is totally committed to supporting the poor. We have an agenda that is entirely pro-poor and as we have mentioned we will not just make vague promises, we will deliver.”

Approximately 110 primary healthcare centres will be built in the next three months around the country. Mr. Adewole also said the government intends to change the national health insurance from being voluntary to compulsory and universal, so that the “healthy will care for the sick and the rich will care for the poor”.

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