How to Create Free WordPress Website with Unlimited Hosting


Making money online is everyone’s dream. For anyone that is interested in online business, blogging is the best platform to start. When we talk about blogging, there are mainly two choices that comes to mind – Blogger and WordPress. Blogger’s blog is offered for free and WordPress, is also free, but we need to buy a hosting package for it. If you are a beginner, then buying a hosting plan for your blog would not be a good decision. So, what should do? Read on.

On Blogger’s blog platform, you don’t have full control of your blog. But, in self-hosted WordPress blog, you have the full right to control your blog. If you are new in blogging and want to take a drive on a WordPress blog, then here is the tutorial for you on how to create free WordPress website with unlimited hosting space.


Why Create a Free WordPress Blog

Here are some of the reasons why creating a free WordPress blog is good:

  • This will also help you to know the functionalities of WP.
  • Get your business online and make your business to have more respect.
  • Make more money online.
  • Get more traffic and patronage from around the world.

Create a free WordPress blog with Free Hosting Account

Below is the instruction you need to create your own blog for free within few minutes.

  1. Register on
  2. In the Registration form, fill all your details and choose your plan as “Unlimited”. It’ll give you unlimited free space and bandwidth.
  3. After filling all fields, click on the REGISTER button.
  4. Now go to your mail inbox and verify your registration.
  5. After verification, you’ll get your cPanel details. And make sure you keep record of the details as shown in the figure below because, you will need it later.
  6. You now have access to your cPanal. Login here with your details.

Next; Install WordPress

  1. Within cPanel, click on the Softaculous image under the Announcements tab in your panel or you can go through Software/Services section.Softaculous
  2. On the next script that comes up, click on install under WordPress.install-wordpress
  3. During the installation process, make sure to leave “In Directory as empty, if you want to install in the root directory.Wordpress-Directory
  4. Next, put your admin username, password, and email id.
  5. Enable “Limit Login Attempts plugin to protect your site from unauthorized access attempts.
  6. In Advanced Options, enable every option by ticking on them.Advanced-options
  7. The service has free themes so select your desired theme from the list and click on Install button.
  8. After successful installation, you’ll get your WordPress website URL.installation-complete
  9. Go to your WordPress dashboard by going “” and log in there with your username and password.

Add your Own Domain name

If you already have a domain name and you want to host you WordPress blog with that domain, then click on “Addon Domains” from “Domains” section. Now put your that name and click on Add domain button. After that change your domain name servers to and


But if you want to create a free website with a free domain, then go to the registration page and grab a free domain for your WordPress hosting.

Final Word

This web hosting service is meant for those who wants to learn WordPress or if you are a beginner. Though it might support most advertising and affiliate requirements like WinTrills, Jumia and Konga as well as your online business platform so you could start making money from it, but not Google AdSense. You can take a drive on it with free unlimited hosting before moving to a hosted platform.

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  1. ok if i use this service, would i get the same or a resembling look alike of your blog??
    plus are there any cons to using this service??

    • Yes you can… the “look” of the blog is defined by the type of theme you use. The disadvantage of this type is that you can’t use Google Adsense with it. But you can do mostly every other the you desire on it. As noted on the article, you can migrate to a hosted platform as time progress so nothing is a waste.