How to Generate Website Unlimited Traffic By Back linking


Friends Do you know with real unlimited traffic generation to your site(s), Your Business Online Presence “Services/Products” are set to rock for real. We already shared how to get back to back traffic, so be sure to check that out too.

They are set to make you real money, be it a static site or non static website, be it a Blog site or digital news publishing web site, be it just a personal site or portfolio, Be it a bulk sms portal, or even e-social fan page e.g facebook fan pages, A Sale Page or Squeeze page etc, your online activity are in danger in ”other words if you are not getting Traffic to your site.


Unlimited Traffic Guide

In this post How to Generate Unlimited Traffic To Your website By Back linking, I’ll show you how to get some free top quality back links (a hyper link from one site to another) from a variety of different sources, each source is completely unique and I hope to give you a little insight into some of the methods you can use to create back links . When linking to your website you should always try to focus the links using your keywords, you can focus on four keywords in the anchor text of the link if it’s possible. let’s rock it!

# Step 1 : The Big G (Google Profiles)

Yes! Using Google Profiles still remain top one free ways of generating traffic to your website. Google I mean the big G allows you to create your very own profile page on, use the link and create your own profile page, add a picture and some text about yourself and then add a few links to your websites. Save the page and you’re done. always remember to add links of your ”own” website after you most have created your Google profile page here

# Step 2: Using MSN Articles and Comment Box

MSN Articles is among top 10 article directory people do not know about, Msn is updated every day with host of news and articles on just about every subject you can think of, to get a back-link you just need to comment on an article leaving behind your thoughts, name & website link.  You can as well publish your own article add back links to your websites and blogs while using MSN Articles By so doing You will be generating unlimited traffic to your website for FREE!

 # Step 3 Best Free Methods of Back linking Using the Historical all time Yahoo

Yahoo has come to stay and will always be, You can use Yahoo AnswersYahoo answers takes a little bit of work initially before you can get your links on their site but once you have done this first bit of work you’re ready to reap the rewards.  Just create a yahoo account, help others by answering questions, once you have answered about 10-20 questions you will be able to add link in your responses. You can see a more detailed article on how to use yahoo answers by location yahoo answer help desk click her


# Step 4: Using our own Godaddy domain register

Godaddy I’m sure you’ve heard of GoDaddy ? but I bet you didn’t know you can use the website to get back links to your website lol. All you need to do is visit the site and watch at least one of Bob Parsons’s videos. At the end of the video you can leave a creative comment and include a link to your website. Once again a more detailed on how to do this can be found here -> How to get back links from Godaddy

# Step 5: Using ‘’Web Submission Directories’’, you will as well get the list of top web submission directories at the footer of this articles

One of such is  As well my humble web site  Yes! You can get a back link from this very page and lots of other too. All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of the article where it says comments. Note:- I’ll allow most comments but please don’t blatantly leave a spam comment or three words of text. If , I’ll just hit the trash button. Please leave a creative, constructive comment or even a criticism. Just write what you think. I’ve also created an article where you can promote your website without having to spam just go and get a free using all the list directory below, make sure you use them for traffic generation to your website by back linking.

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Hope you like the list, I’m sure it will help in your back linking efforts and get unlimited traffics to your blogs and websites.

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