How To Get 32GB of Free Storage From Dropbox


How to get more of free storage from Dropbox is very easy. Recently, dropBox just doubled up its referral program which means more free storage for you. Long gone are the days of carrying physical storage like  memory sticks and external hard disks. Cloud storage ensures your data are accessible any time, any place and on any device as long as you have internet access. This article will guide you on how to get 32GB of free storage from Dropbox.

DropBox is a cloud storage service that helps users sync documents, music, pictures and photos. The interesting thing about Dropbox is that you can view your documents regardless of the device you are using. For those that use Dropbox, it is one of the most widely used cloud storage in the world.

Dropbox offers 2GB as a  free but a free user but  now, you can get 500MB of more storage space for each Dropbox referral, with a maximum of 32 referrals for 16GB of space.

For Pro users, you’ll get 1GB for each referral with a 32GB maximum. This new program works even if you’ve already invited people to Dropbox which means you’ll get the extra space bonus (250MB per referral) for all those lovely folks too.

How to Join The Referral Program to Get 32GB Gree Storage From Dropbox

To get up to 32GB and more storage space for free, you will need to simple open an account for free. Follow this link

Meanwhile, after getting your storage space boosted up, you can read up 5 tips to Get the Best out of Dropbox

More cloud storage for everyone!



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