Get Cheap Airtel Bundle: WhatsApp & Opera Mini Tariff


Yes! Airtel Bundle for Opera mini and WhatsApp messenger are live and for as low as #100 per month, you can enjoy your favorite services on your smartphones. Good thing is that it powers “most” applications on your phone.

Airtel has launched a new data plan for operamini browser application on mobile devices, the plan comes with both weekly and monthly plan.

Operamini browser supports all major mobile operating systems like the popular Android, blackberry, iOS, java, windows mobile etc.

The Operamini plans from Airtel is going to help reduce the amount of money people have to spend to access the net for information, also operamini browser uses less data to access the net so you will spend less data on the plan compare to other mobile browser.


How to Subscribe to Airtel Bundle Plan

There are two Categories:

  • Whatsapp bundle
  • Operamini bundle

How to Subcribe to Whatsapp Bundle

* Cost #100
* Amount of MB: 30MB (Airtel reduced it from 50MB to 30MB)
* Dial *948# to get it
* To check your Whatsapp bundle balance, dial *123*8#

How to Subcribe to Opera Mini Bundle

Dial *885*3# to get 50mb at #100.
Dial *885*2* to get 100mb at #200.
Dial *885*1* to get 250mb at #300.

Dail *885*0# to check your Data Balance


We noticed you can use the Opera Mini bundle to power WhatsApp Messenger also. So i will advice, instead for subscribing to the Airtel WhatsApp Bundle, go for the Airtel Opera Mini Bundles and you will be glad you did.


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