Good news! Ntel Sim Pick-Up is Currently On-going in Abuja


Finally! Ntel Sim pick-up has commenced in Abuja. Though behind the scheduled date, this is a welcomed developed as Nigerians has began to wonder if the Nigerian Telecommunication (NTEL), Nigeria’s 4G LTE operator has vanished into oblivion.

It has been a time of missed feelings. After announcing their entrance into the Nigeria telecommunication space last year with promises to make data more cheaper and other Telecom industry seat up, everyone has been eager to take the first bite. The hunt for ntel sim then began.

ntel SIM pick up on-going in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton.

ntel SIM pick up on-going in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton.

Prospective subscribers were asked to reserve their ntel numbers during a one month-long campaign and it was announced that the first batch of subscribers (hundreds of thousands) to reserve their numbers on the NTEL 4G LTE network, and subsequently SIM-activate after launch, will be recognized as pioneers on Nigeria’s newest mobile network.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of NTEL, Kamar Abass, said that this will mark them out as among the first to reap the company’s promise of abundant broadband on its pure-play advanced 4G LTE network.

It offers prospective subscribers who log on to the NTEL’s website,, the opportunity to pick and reserve up to five numbers of their choice and, provided they register in time, are eligible to become NTEL’s pioneers.

Though ntel announced plans for the first phase roll out of its commercial services where the 0804 lines will be sold to the public on April 8th, no one has been able to locate where where their physical office was located, not even after ntel declared they are now live in Abuja and Lagos as at April 9. 

Today, they have commenced giving out the sim cards, at least to residents in Abuja. So, if you are living in Abuja, ntel SIM pick up on-going at the Transcorp Hilton. Some persons have already picked up theirs, what are you waiting for?

I don’t know about Lagos state but if you’ve picked up your own ntel sim, kindly let us know. Meanwhile, residents of Port-Harcourt will have to wait till next month to get their hands on their reserved ntel sim cards.


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