Get Google Adsense Account Approved Within 4 Hours Via Youtube!


Google Adsense account approval process has evolved over the years. With millions of active publishers, Google AdSense programme policies have become more stricter than ever before.  For newbie bloggers, creating and getting AdSense account approval is now a difficult task, making them to look for other AdSense alternatives.

When you follow the due procedure and apply for Adsense account – grabbed a custom domain, create a professional Email address – you are required to have the quality blog or website which is according to AdSense requirements. Their team will review your account manually. This works in 60%  or less of cases.

If you have tried all you could and still get disapproved, or you have never tried because of all the discouraging words you have heard about the program, cheer up! Today’s tip will show you how to get Google AdSense account approved via YouTube in less than 4 hours!


Before you apply this Google AdSense Account Approval Tip

There are some basic things you will need to set in place. Make sure you get the fix these quick tips (WordPress site pay more attention):

  • Add the main pages like About us, Contact us, Privacy policy on your blog.
  • You must have the top notch domains like .org, .com and .net.
  • The applicant must be above 18.
  • When you are above 18, then you can use your name as the payee same as on your bank account.
  • Inscribe the content of high quality and do not forget to optimize it with the right keywords for the search engines.
  • Your website must have a good design, swift and speedy loading.
  • Have a clean looking website theme / blog template
  • Have atleast 10-15 well-written blog posts.
  • Custom domain name (Existing, buy or register one afresh).
  • Use Google apps to create a domain specific email address.

How to Google AdSense Account Approval via YouTube

  • Create a New Gmail account (tip: Choose United State as your location, some countries like Nigeria are not allowed to monetize Youtube videos).
  • Login to youtube with your newly created Google account
  • Click on monetization
  • Enable your Youtube account for monetization
  • You should receive a message in your inbox saying your youtube account is ready for monetization
  • After the message upload a unique video to Youtube
  • Be sure to add right descriptions and related tags to your video
  • Wait for the upload to complete and hit publish

Monetize your YouTube Video

  • Next,  we link it to AdSence account?
  • Now go to Channel Settings>Monetization
  • Now you should see your account status.
  • Click on “How will I be paid”?
  • Now click on “associate an Adsense account”

Associate an AdSense Account

  • A new page will open where you will setup your AdSense account as shown below.

Google AdSense Application page via YouTube

  • Click Continue to open up the page to fill your personal information



  • Now, submit and wait for your approval in less than 4 hours
  • Tick..Tick… Tick…. Talk! you should get a notification now.
  • Congratulation! You’ve got your AdSense account aproved!
  • Finally, you will need to link the approved AdSense account to your blog/site

How to add Blogger Account to Approved Youtube Adsense

  • For blogspot domain users, you are at luck because it is a hosted account which can be easily implemeted right-away
  • Simply login to your AdSense account and click on account settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom to locate invite, enter the email of your blogger account and click on invite.
  • Done 🙂

How to add WordPress Account to Approved Youtube Adsense

This is more trickier for WordPress site owners (non-hosted accounts) and here is where the quick tips i listed are the beginning comes in.

  • Sign into your AdSense account.
  • On the top right, you will see the gear icon. Click that and select settings
  • On the left side select Site “Access and authorization” section and select Site authorization.
  • On the “Show ads on other websites” page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.
  • Click Submit.
  • Finally, you must add Ad unit (AdSense code) to your website.
    1. On your approved AdSense account, visit the My Ads tab.
    2. From the sidebar, choose “Content.”
    3. Click +New ad unit button.
    4. In the next step enter the name of your ad and customize it.
    5. View details about the settings.
    6. Click Save and get the code.
  • Now create a new HTML widget in your website sidebar and add AdSense code that you generated in the step mentioned above.
  • Done.

Google will manually review your application as usual. It can take few days or week. But as long as you have fixed your website with the quick guide mentioned at the beginning, you stand a chance of getting your website linked / approved to show your YouTube AdSense.


What to do if the application is disapproved?

After the wait elapse, you’ll finally get an email about your AdSense approval or disapproval. Even if your application is rejected, It’s not the end of the world. You will be able to use Adsense on hosted sites like Blogspot or Youtube. You can always try again and again until you get approved. As long as your video is running and no invalid clicks on it, it will not be banned / disapproved.

Meanwhile, you can also try other ad networks. Here are recommended top best AdSense alternatives.

Here we go! Are you using Google Adsense? Is it hosted or non-hosted fully approved account?

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in comments.


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  1. Nice information here, for the Google adsense on youtube , you stated in the final step “… link the AdSense account to your blog/site”.
    Does this blog/site need to be adsense approved or does it need to have a minimum number of posts?

    • If yout CMS is running on non-hosted platform like wordpress, then YES! Google’s new policy made it such a way that the process of linking the AdSense account to your website will still undergo Google’s review. This means, IF your website does not comply with Google’s policy, you may still get disaproved. For those running on “hosted platform” like blogger, simply link and start using… last i checked though.

      Hope this answers your question Ade?