Inside Look: Computer science students graduating in 2017, here’s an Opportunity to Visit Google


Inside Look, a program designed by Google, American multinational technology company which specializes in Internet-related services and products, is about to kick-off. This year, they are looking to extend the Inside Look program beyond America, giving young Computer Science graduates to have a feel of what Google is all about… all for FREE!

It is the dream of all young Engineering graduate to work for Google – at least visit Google data center. Now, it is no longer a dream especially for Computer science students graduating in 2017. This opportunity is specially meant for you.

They are offering Computer Science students graduating in 2017, from Universities in Europe, Middle East and Africa, a chance to visit Google Warsaw and Google Zürich. The Inside Look program it’s a combination of tech talks, panel sessions, and practical workshops. Free food, too.

Meet Google Inside Look

With all the talk about cloud computing, it’s easy to forget that the 20 billion pages Google indexes each day, including, live somewhere—not in the sky, but in earthbound data centers around the world. With Google’s Inside Look program, you’ll learn how Google hae found innovative ways to make it’s data centers incredibly energy efficient and the great lengths it’s site reliability engineers (SREs) go to ensure your favorite Google products and YouTube videos are always available. Read more here.

How to Apply For Google Inside Look Program

The interesting thing here now is that, once your application is approved then Google will take care of your travel expenses. So guys, if you are a Computer Science Student [CSC] and will be graduating in 2017. I think it will be great for you to apply now.

Click to Apply and make sure that you submit the form before 24th of July 2016.


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