Guide: Tweakware VPN + Etisalat Chat Pack & MTN BIS|Free Browsing [Video]


Hello everyone, today we shall be looking at How to Use Tweakware VPN With Etisalat Chat Pack & MTN BIS to browse ‘free‘. The best part is of Tweakware VPN is that it is currently working 100% on MTN BIS (BB 10 plans ONLY), ETISALAT and SPECTRANET 4G LTE.

I sincerely hope you have been enjoying free internet access on the MTN network using Psiphon with Video guide as well as on the Etisalat network using the same tool, all on your smartphones.

Of course, if you prefer simple server, you can the full details by reading FREE Browsing With Simple Server On MTN [Updated!].

For PC/Laptop users, Read UPDATED! FREE PC BROWSING WITH MTN+TUNNELGURU VPN while MTN Bis & OpenVPN on iPad/Symbian/iPhones is still within your grasp.

What is Tweakware VPN

It is is a tunneling software developed by CASTPORTS that can securely anonymize your internet activity by encrypting all your internet traffic. It can let you access websites and or contents/services that are restricted or blocked by your ISP. e.g Youtube, Hulu , Facebook, Twitter etc Teakware VPN is compartible with Windows PC, Android, iPhones.

The mobile version and the PC version requires you to upgrade your account to premium  to enjoy full access the internet. You don’t need to put any host address or IP proxy on tweaking so let’s get started on how to use it with etisalat social pack or mtn bis.


  • Requires Android 4.0 and up (If device is below 4.0, click HERE to root your device before it can work).
  • Etisalat SocialMe Pack/MTN BB 10 plan
  • Registered username, password and upgraded account

How to set it up with Etisalat

  • Mobile Settings: Use your Etisalat default mobile internet settings. Make sure your APN is etisalat
  • Subscribe for Etisalat SocialMe, Click HERE for details
  • Download Tweakware VPN Android app from: 
  • To register for an account, send desired username and password to: HERE.
  • Install the apk and run it.
  • On the Tweakware menu, tap on “settings”
  • On next page, tap on Account Settings and enter your username and password you got after registration
  • On same page, select “Bundled Setting” as shown in the diagram below
  • Mark Use Bundled Setting
    []Mark Use Bundled Setting
  • Select Bundled Setting and choose ETI CHAT PACK
    [Rubiztech.coom]choose ETI CHAT PACK
  • Now go back to your tweakware app home and click connect and wait for the tweakware to show connected.

How to set it up with MTN

  • Mobile Settings: Use your MTN default mobile internet settings.
  • Subscribe for MTN BB 10 plan using
    Daily: Dial *216*3*1# COST N70
    Weekly: Dial *216*3*2# COST N350
    Monthly: Dial *216*3*3# COST  N1000
  • Download Tweakware VPN Android app from HERE
  • Install the apk and run it.
  • On the Tweakware menu, tap on “settings” and fill in your account details.
  • To register for an account, click HERE.
  • Follow through as shown in pictures as discribedabove. But this time, choose MTN BIS 1 and connect


When you are running Tweakware for the first time, you may need to update your tweakware server. To get it done, you will need internet access from another source – by connecting psiphon/openvpn or you can use normal data so that the tweakware will have internet access to update the server. Now lunch your Tweakware, then Press and holdthe server list on the Home screen to update servers. And you can now select any server available on the list.

[]Tweakware_Server Update

Watch Video:

Hurayy!!! Enjoy free fast unlimited browsing, downloading, streaming on Etisalat and Mtn as the case may be.


Account upgrades cost 500 per month (Premium).
Currently payments can be made in three ways: Perfect Money ($3) OR Bank Deposit OR Airtime (MTN)
For Perfect Money, Bank and Airtime payments use the link below:
Link (Perfect Money/Bank payment): Click HERE

After payment, send payment details in the following format:
BetaMint, bank name, amount, teller number, depositor name, registered username
to us by clicking HERE and await activation reply which takes less than 10 minutes.

ATTENTION: All queries, Q & A should be done on this site via the comment boxes, we only attend to UPGRADES request via BBM and WHATSAPP 

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  1. I sub 4 I month on my Etisalat social me and after 2 day it got finished they said I have exhausted my data and I will be billed as I continue using d service (the pak is social me cliq)

  2. Thanks 4 ur quick responds mine is working fine now. Pls do u have d setting of etisalat social me on simple server (netloop) cus dere is speed throttling restrictions and how do I bypass it

    • That is good to hear though, it seems Etisalat might have capped the tweak. Hearing that yours is still working brings hope. Meanwhile, no matter the vpn you use, speed throttling can not be bypassed. Keep me updated on the maximum data usage as many readers will be glad to get that info.

      cheers bro

      • Pls my twaek ware refuse to show “default server” at the home page but rather different countries making it not to connect what do I do fof it to display default server and I have updated my server

          • Yes and I tried other versions still yet no default server just a bunch of countries with stars on them.

          • This “bunch of countries with stars on them” are premium servers which are only available for use to paid users. The “default” or free servers are usually jam-packed with free users, so if you did’t connect on time, it won’t be available for use.

  3. Is the eti chat pack still working with tweakware and how much is the monthly sub. Can i also send airtime?

  4. Dont you have Tweakware guide for PC? And is the Eti Chatpack still working with Tweakware? Also what about the MTN BBplans, do they still work on Tweakware? Help with these info so i can sign up asap. Thanks

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