Guidelines to join RUBIZTECH WhatsApp Group


I am glad to inform our dear readers seeking to join RubizTECH WhatsApp group that the group is official open for everyone to Join. However, there are guidelines will qualify you to be a member of this unique group.

For a while now, i have been getting lot’s of messages on “Add me to your WhatsApp group” but from experience, adding just anybody to the group will not make such a person to have value for it. It breeds disrespect, use of foul languages etc that will later force the hands of the admin to kick them out. In there, WE ARE FAMILY. That is why, these guidelines to join RUBIZTECH WhatsApp group is been put in place.

What You Need To Know

RUBIZTECH WhatsApp Group.

RUBIZTECH WhatsApp Group. / © Rubiztech

The group was created 11th of July, 2013, few weeks to my birthday. That makes it exactly 2 years 2years, 9months, 10days today. Yeah! It has been a time lots of fun, joy love, tears, etc. Many have joined, many have left, many have been kicked out but the idea behind the creating of Rubiztech WhatsApp group kept it running. In fact, the group gave birth to this Website.

Earlier today, a poll was held in the group – to open the group to more people or not. Members voted, gave suggestions, and as usual, we agreed to disagree. Well, it was in favor of you reading this hence i am writing this article.

Members of RubizTech WhatsApp Group

Though i am not going to mention the names of our members here for security purposes but will give you an idea of who they are. Members cuts across various department of life. Techies, Doctors, Students, Developers, Graphic designers, Jumia and Konga agents, Bloggers, etc with most of us married while others are “married-in-the-making”. All of these wonderful guys made what it is today.

Guidelines To Join RubizTECH WhatsApp Group.

Now, the main course. How to join. These are the guidelines every intending member must follow to join. You must:

  1. Have made at least 5 reasonable comments on this website.
  2. Be a member of RubizTECH facebook page  by clicking on LIKE  
  3. Be following RubizTECH on twitter [follow id=”” count=”true” ]
  4. Be a member of our BBM Channel – Just click to join: BBM Channel
  5. Drop a comment when you visit 2, 3, 4 above with the keyword: I LOVE RUBIZTECH
  6. Have respect for everyone and avoid foul language else be booted out.
  7. Be yourself. Must not be a guru or tech savvy, just flow with the fun.
  8. Go through out screening before you will be admitted.

Now that you know what it takes to join RubizTECH WhatSapp group, and you feel the guidelines can be kept, kindly go ahead and drop your numbers here. Any number dropped elsewhere will not be honored. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO OUR WHATSAPP GROUP 🙂


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  1. Nice have been waiting to join your WhatsApp group for some time now will be very grateful if you give me the chance to among the group this is my number 08023874806 waiting to hear from. You one love

    • Thanks for showing interest Mr Godwin. Have you been able to complete the guidelines as highlighted above? I look forward to seeing confirmations on how various platforms. Then you will become a bonafide member. Cheers

      • Yes sir I have done all u required from me and secondly I downloaded d slowDNs and anytime I try to connect it will be telling me that waiting for server reply or waiting for good network and my network is on h+ pls will like to get a reply from u as soon as possible

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