How to Get Free Apps For your iPhones Without Jailbreaking!


Are you tired of trying to jailbreak your iPhones? Want to jailbreak but don’t want a huge risk? Well, after hours of extended research and countless YouTube videos, +The Nether Craft have found some apps that you can install without a computer. No jailbreak, no computer and most importantly, no threats.

There are apps such as iRec which is just like record my screen (works but not 100% may crash) here’s the link to that and the Emu4ios store/ iNoCydia.
Download link:

There’s another app called Ηydia. It is a very small replacement for Cydia but it doesn’t have as much functions. Here’s the link to that.
Download link:

There is one more app and it’s called HipStore which is a store that you can get any app for free. (It needs to download data and then it will ask to install) here’s the link to that.
Download link:

There’s also Appvn, which compliments HiPStore rather well, has a superior customer service, app selection (depends actually), and a not-as-buggy dedicated app.
Site Link: Appvn

There is also this site for non-jailbroken emulation enthusiasts, which seems to be an alternative to emu4ios.

And the original site for HiPStore, just in case for security, It’s in Vietnamese, but the download link for the app store itself should be at the bottom.


This is for the ones who want the basics and can make a decision to JailBreak later in life whenever they feel being limited is enough.

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Source: +The Nether Craft

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