How To Share Files Wirelessly Between Android And PC


Have you been ever stuck in a situation where you wish to transfer files between your Android and PC and you just cant find a USB cable nearby? Well,here’s a solution for you.In this 21st-Century where the wireless world is taking over ,using cable to transfer files seem a bit ‘old-fashioned’ don’t you think?.

Wireless data sharing is very convenient as you don’t have to wait beside the PC until the transfer is complete. There are many apps for wireless file sharing on the android playstore, but i have found ShareIt to be the most convenient and efficient.

ShareIt is a file transfer application that allows exchange of files between devices.Photos,documents,apps and videos can be transferred wirelessly between device and PC rapidly with speed in excess of 10 Mbps.In Addition, the app has other features like;

  • Web sharing,enabling file transfer even without client installed.
  • One-click Backup device to PC
  • Remote access PC files on your Android Device and vise versa
  • Play Music and videos over WiFi without downloading
  • Project slideshow between devices

Installing and using ShareIt

  • Download ShareIt from PlayStore or Apk here and also download ShareIt on Your PC.
  • After installation launch the app on both devices.
  • Select option on PC>>Connect Android device and do the same on your Android, accept connection to connect.
  • To send files from your android device ,select send at the bottom of the app, select your files then send.
  • To send files from PC select Send to select files you wish to send.
  • You can easily navigate your way through the application’s other features on both devices.

Here you go! You can now easily share your files between your Android devices and PC wirelessly.

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