How to Add all Your Friends to Facebook Group at Once


Today’s tip will be centered on how to increase your Facebook group members by adding all your Facebook friends in one swoop to your Facebook group. In our last Facebook tip, we discussed how to post to Multiple Facebook Group with Facebook Autoposter and we also talked about how to boost likes and followers using Addmefast.

Everyone is looking for the most effective way to increase their Facebook group members and the reasons are not far fetched. It’s one of the surest way to drive traffic to your website and acquiring more members leads to a busier, more active discussion.

Though there are several other ways to build the membership of a Facebook group, – inviting new members, letting anyone join by making it open, setting the group to public for Facebook users to easily find it and by sharing group link to people – but the processes are usually tiring because it involves manual labour. Imagine how long it will take to search and type in the names / emails of your Facebook friend just to send them an invite? At the end, they may not honor it any ways.

How to Add all Your Friends to Facebook Group at Once!

Increase your Facebook friends at once

In the Facebook trick, all you need is a script in which you use and insert to your Facebook group and get all your friends invited with just few clicks. This is really a cool javascript and i tried it on my one of group and got approximately 8,000 members in just one day..isn’t it sounds cool?

What you need?

  • PC
  • Internet
  • Chrome browser
  • Facebook account with good number of friends
  • javascript
  • Done!


  1. Download the script from the link below
  2. Open the desired Facebook group you wish to add all your friends to at once.
  3. Now, write click on any part while on this group page and select “inspect”
  4. A side drawer should pop out from the right of your chrome browser.
  5. Click on “console”
  6. Copy the javascript from the downloaded Notepad++ file and “Ctr+v” (paste) on the open space within the console.
  7. Withing seconds, all your Facebook friends will be imported into the group as members automatically.
  8. Close the console and you are done.

Still not getting the steps, use the video guide below.

Download link: Show some love by first. LIKE US [facebook]then download here

NOTE: Add 500 members per day to a group to avoid your group been banned by Facebook!

To get maximum members to your Facebook group, request all your group members or friends to do the same. And if you want to join my Facebook community group, why not drop your Facebook group below. I will add my my friends to yours and you will do the same to mine using this method.

As noted, this JavaScript is tested successfully on browsers like Firefox and google chrome but chrome is generally recommended.

If you are facing any problem with this javaScript, comment below. I will try my best to sort that out. Start adding your friends to groups before Facebook block this script.. 🙂

Enjoy adding all your friends to Facebook group!!


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