iOS 8.3 Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad Officially Released by Taig Team – Guide!

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak

Taig team just released the much much awaited iOS 8.3 Untethered (boots idevice itself) Jailbreak to public. Comes with cydia. Get downloading and start jailbreaking your iDevices !

Jailbreaking enables iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to install unapproved third-party apps, tweaks, mods, custom themes, utilities, and other content (called “packages”) from Cydia, which is essentially an App Store alternative for jailbroken devices. In other words, jailbreaking allows users to further customize and enhance their iOS devices beyond the limits that Apple imposes.

How to use

  • Make backup your data before jailbreak
  • Download TaiG Jailbreak V2.0.0 version from link below
  • Turn off passcode and Find My iPhone:

    To turn off passcode, go to Settings > Passcode > Enter your passcode > Turn Passcode Off > Enter your passcode.

    To turn off Find My iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Click to turn off.

  • Open TaiG Jailbreak Tool, and have your device connected to your computer.
  • Click Start to jailbreak. Please keep your device well connected and wait patiently.

Recommendation:  Taig recommends you to install and start 3K Assistant after jailbreak for Apps, games, plug-ins, wallpapers and ringtones with simply one click.





Downloads & Links

Taig Jailbreak tool V2.0 for iOS 8.1 – 8.3 (68.7 MB) / Mirror

If your device needs to be upgraded to iOS 8.3 for jailbreak, you can use the Data-Backup Upgrade Mode of TaiG Pro. Get Download TaiG Pro then follow instructions above.

For the latest information, please follow @taig_jailbreak on Twitter or install 3K Assistant.

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