Ladies Goes Crazy For Buhari’s Son: YUSUF BUHARI


The soon-to-be-President of the federation was accompanied by his gorgeous daughter Zahra and son Yusuf Buhari as he arrives in the country yesterday after his latest trip to the United Kingdom, African Spotlight reports.

After pictures of Mr. Yusuf emerged, Nigerian ladies took to Twitter professing their love for him and asking why he had been hidden from them for so long.

During the election campaign, the whole country was taken by his daughter’s beautiful looks and now that he has won, his son is unleashed.

Find his pictures and reactions on Twitter below:

bahari and fam2

  1. alot of would have voted buhari if only they had seen his son (Yusuf Buhari)….PDP for no get one vote from these ladies…lmao

  2. Twitter on fire cause of Yusuf Buhari the handsome son of Buhari ..

  3. Hilarious; Check Out What Twitter Family Had to Say About Yusuf Buhari

  4. Lol see Twitter madness because of Yusuf Buhari. Well anywhere Zahra Buhari is just tell her I love her shikena

  5. AccountsView all

    *situational rapper* *situational lover* THE AVATAR. . GAME ADDICT!! GOLD DIGGER!! wat else??

  6. Imagine if Buhari had deployed the missile named Yusuf Buhari on a target like Ayo Fayose! !!. Fayose would’ve been turned into peppersoup.

    1. General Buhari@AngryBuhari 11h11 hours ago

      Zahra- Fine Aisha- Fine Yusuf Buhari- Fine Me- errr… I will be fine after we fix Nigeria insha Allah.

  7. Stop sending me DMs if you’re not Yusuf Buhari

  8. It’s a pity that Yusuf Buhari can only marry four

    1. Yusuf Buhari‘s girlfriend going through twitter right now like….

  9. I forgot to mention, someone will now go and create twitter account “Yusuf Buhari“. I trust my people, just wait and see.

  10. Omo see Yusuf Buhari‘s side profile. Pls take my girlfriend from me.

  11. somebody sai she’s single and waiting for yusuf buhari my sister u will die unmarried

  12. Celebrate “Yusuf-Buhari-Day”. Dump your boyfriend

  13. Yusuf Buhari emerged on twitter today, but he’s getting all the love. I’ve been on these streets for 5years 8months and i cant get a dm?

  14. Is good to be cute and marry a pretty wife who can give you cute children like Zahra and yusuf buhari

  15. AMMM@aisha__modibbo 16h16 hours ago

    Knock Knock Who’s there ? Yu… Don’t even complete it. Yusuf Buhari I know it’s you. Come in.

  16. So many relationship bout to go down today because of this Yusuf Buhari. Lmfaooooo

  17. BREAKING: Women of Twitter demand answers frm GMB campaign team on why they hid Yusuf Buhari from the media & cost GMB a million votes””RP

  18. Is yusuf buhari on twitter?? Asking for a friend tho

  19. By the time you finish crushing on Yusuf Buhari, you’re already single Ukhti.

  20. azumi@Ms_daeze 17h17 hours ago

    Why did they hide Yusuf Buhari from us all along? They were only showing Zahra

  21. It’s all about Yusuf Buhari today.

  22. I will send you his number “: Chaii Yusuf Buhari is handsome persin fit call him “Dan sawa gaban mota””

  23. The Women of Nigerian Twitter react to the beauty that is Yusuf Buhari: Earlier today, the President ele..

  24. As History will have it, Yusuf Buhari have stormed twitter without an official twitter handle on the eve of the handover day!

  25. Nigerian girls will now disturb us with “yusuf buhari” SMH

  26. : If I’m to rename my name to Yusuf Buhari, all these hoes that refused to reply my DM will make a U-turn sharply

  27. RT@YNaija2015 EXCLUSIVE: Meet Yusuf Buhari, the President-elect’s son (PHOTOS)

  28. Hw many of you ladies are crushing on Yusuf Buhari? Say the truth and shame the devil, answer with the fear of God.

  29. BREAKING: Women of Twitter demand answers from GMB campaign team on why they hid Yusuf Buhari from the media & cost GMB a million votes

  30. Yusuf Buhari is now trending globally on Google Search..”

  31. Oke Peters retweeted Chioma Ogwuegbu

    Assssiiin! *Google: search?query=What+Is+Yusuf+Buhari+Twitter+Handle+and+Phone+Number

    Oke Peters added,

  32. I’m just pissed we’re only just seeing pictures of Yusuf Buhari. Baba could have gotten millions more votes just cos of him.

  33. Have you guys met Buhari’s handsome son, Yusuf yet?: Yusuf Buhari, the son of President-elect, Muhammadu Buhar…


      Embedded image permalink

      Embedded image permalink
  34. Achalugo ‏@Ohamiri 19h19 hours ago

    I dated a Hausa bog named Yusuf in my 300 to 400 level. This is a sign that Yusuf Buhari is the man for me.

  35. GOD BLESS NIGERIA retweeted F

    And Yusuf Buhari


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