Latest MTN Psiphon Settings: MTN Music Plus 6GB For N600


Good news! Latest MTN Psiphon settings for our beloved MTN network for 26, March 2016 is here. Has your MTN N70 cheat stopped browsing?  Maybe you can no longer subscribe to MTN BBLITED, BBLITEW and BBLITEM and no longer have access to unlimited free browsing on PC, iOS and Android. Don’t loose hope yet. This article has been prepared for you. Here is an alternative that will get you back online!

Most users of the MTN Nigeria network have tried several fix to get MTN BB10 plans to work again so as to enjoy using virtual private network (VPN) on there devices to no avail.

This made RUBIZTECH to provide some alternatives which are confirmed still working.

However, the Y’ello network discided to sing again with  MTN MUSIC PLUS which we all thought have been blocked.

How Does The Latest MTN Psiphon Settings Work?

All you need in this latest MTN Psiphon setup is to subscribe to any of the MTN Music plus package below:

  • N15 to get 150MB;
  • with N600 you get 6GB
  • with N420 you get 4GB

Good thing is, it works on all devices: Windows PC, Psiphon, iPhones/iOS. Let’s take a look at the Android setup

How Can I Subscribe to MTN Music Plus?

On your Android smartphone

  • Make sure your SIM account balance is JUST N15
  • Go to your message and send C to 5900
  • Wait for confirmation message from MTN
  • Dial *559*2# to check your balance.

Latest Psiphon Settings For MTN Music Plus on Android

You can use your normal music plus settings on Psiphon vpn or simply follow the below settings;
  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • Proxy Server: OR  OR (first one is highly recommended)
  • Real Proxy Type: Inject
  • Tap on Save to close the Handler Settings.  Then a pop up will appear and you have to choose “Tunnel whole device

You will be taken to the main screen where you will go to the “Options” menu and select a region.

  • Select “Best Performance” in the ‘region select’.
  • Go down and locate “More options” under the “handler” button.
  • Under the “Proxy Settings” Check the box beside “Connect through an HTTP” then select “Use the following settings
    – Host Address:
    – Port:  8080

Go Back and Connect.

After you have exhausted the given 150MB and you want to renew it, then Send Cancel7c to 5900 to unsubscribe the plan. Then resend C to 5900 to get another 150MB with another N15.

Finding it Hard to Re-subscribe? Here is the fix

Sometimes just sending Cancel7c to 5900 won’t totally unsubscribe you from the music plus plan. This will make it difficult to resubscribe to the plan. To fix this, dial *123*5*1# to opt out of all music plus related subs. Then send c to 5900 as usual and your music plus will start working like magic. 😀

How To Get The 6GB @ N600?

To get the music plus 6GB for an approximate amount of N600, just keep on requesting when you have exhausted your 150MB. Assuming you received 150MB 14x times, you only spend N210 . 150MB x 14 = 2100MB (2GB) and if N210 gives you 2100MB, N630 will give you 6GB!

Works with Netify or ProNet, Sypon Shield, Psiphon vpn

Download all latest psiphon VPN handlers here: LINK

NOTE: Don’t leave more than #15 on your SIM account balance else, MTN will do what they do best – ZAP IT!

Maybe you are an iPhone/iOS user or simply an OpenVPN enthusiast? Check here for OpenVPN settings

We need feedback to improve. Let us know your experience with this latest MTN Psiphon with MTN Music plus.


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  1. Is Mtn music plus cheat with psiphon still working? I was using it some days ago and now its not connecting , have they block that one too..

      • Thanks though but I have tried it out and it’s not still connecting. I replaced the with the (I tried the whole option but it was still not connecting ). What am I not doing right

          • It has been at “connecting via your http proxy: ” for the past 20mins now. I have unsubcribed and subscribed again and again and yet its still not connecting. I have used both psiphon 82 and 108 and it’s not working for me.

            Well thanks anyways, u ve tried. It’s like I will maintain the Airtel


  2. Hello rubynet….. has the musicplus browsing stopped working with psiphon? Mine is no longer connecting. Also can one use it without the vpn.

    Thanks, u guys rock

  3. resubscription is hard, how do i know 150mb data has been given? when I dial *559*2# I don’t see anything related to music plus data balance

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