Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Renders Really Looking Good


After Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch, it is only natural to expect a Note 6. But this is not the case as new images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 renders has emerged with more powerful features than Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, acclaimed to be the best smartphones yet.

Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), a journalist with an excellent track record for phone leaks, has posted an image of final marketing renders of the Galaxy Note 7 in its three launch colours (Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Silver Titanium) and they confirm it will come with a curved ‘Edge’ display like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

This is coming less than 48hours after Blass released leaked images of three new Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones, that are due for release anytime soon. As usual, these renders seem to confirm what we’ve already heard.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Renders

Galaxy Note 7 leaked press renders. Image credit: evleaks

A second look at the Samsung Galxy Note 7 images reaveals that it will have a curved front-screen and iris scanner, and that it’ll come in some shade of blue. With a more closer look, you can just make out the nubbin of S Pen stylus peeking out the bottom right when the phone is face-up.

The most striking thing about these photos to me is the exact shade of blue, called Blue Coral here (the other two are supposedly Black Onyx Silver Titanium). Samsung has dabbled in brilliant aqua and royal blue colors, but this is a new one, and so far I like what I see.

Additionally, more images indicating Galaxy Note 7 has attained final design has been made available to Forbes via Olixar. They are now so confident about the final design that it has Note 7 protective cases available for pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Renders

(a) Olixar’s Galaxy Note 7 renders reveal its USB Type-C port. (b) Galaxy Note 7 render with Olixar case. Image credit: Olixar

The Olixar cases are reportedly similar to that of @evleaks as it shows off both the Edge display and the Iris sensor, but they also show a key third detail: a USB Type-C port. This new feature on the Galaxy Note 7 will be a key differentiator from the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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