Music Sharing, Other Major New Features Coming to Whatsapp


Music Sharing, Larger Emojis, Mentions and Public Groups are among the major features rumored to be making it’s way next WhatsApp update. According to a report recently leaked by German publication Macerkopf, these new features were spotted in the WhatsApp for iOS beta.

WhatsApp Quote-in-Reply is already functional in the last update and WhatsApp Group invite link feature was reportedly working partially in beta. With the new updates, Facebook owned WhatsApp will be having most features seen on Telegram messeger.

New Features Coming to Whatsapp; Leaked

Larger Emojis

It was earlier reported that mobile messaging app will start supporting larger emojis soon. Now, according to the report, the WhatsApp Beta team has revealed that emojis will be three times bigger than the current ones, almost the same size introduced with iOS 10.

WhatsApp Emojis

Music Sharing

WhatsApp presently allows sharing of pictures, videos, files, contacts and links. With WaSend, you can even send any file on WhatsApp up to 150MB. Now it’s time for the Music sharing feature.

WhatsApp Music Sharing

Users will be able to share music stored locally as well as Apple Music tracks, the report stated. Also, recipient will not only see a music icon but also album art. Current ‘audio’ files sharing does not have this functionality.


Mentions is a feature that has been operational on Facebook and Twitter. Moments on Facebook lets you share photos with your friends without posting them online. If you’re a Twitter user, you would know how the Mention feature works. The one on WhatsApp is said to be similar. You can tag people in your address book within a chat.

Public Groups

We learnt about the anticipated feature of ‘Public Group invites via links’ last month. The introduction of Public Groups will allow anyone with a link to the group to post to it. But the power to shut down the group will be in the admin’s hands.

WhatsApp Video Calling

WhatsApp Video call

WhatsApp video calling is the most anticipated feature. Though still in beta stage, WhatsApp video calling feature is only available to those who joined WhatsApp testing program sometime in March. Android beta testers saw this feature show up with their latest updates of the app. See it in action here.

It won’t be long before these features are live. What are your thoughts on it?


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