Make Calls, Receive And Send SMS from PC Via Android Phone


You can now make calls, receive and send SMS from PC via Android phones. This is very important to those people who spends a lot of time in front of their computer. Imagine you are at work or office, it may not be possible to use your smartphone to place a send a message, receive or place a call. This is even against most company’s policies as taking the phone again and again might interrupt your work. Or, maybe you have forgotten your phone at home and you have to send an important SMS to your client, then what will you do?

With just Android mobile application, you will be able to receive and makes calls, or send SMS messages thereby saving you the stress of having to switch from one screen to the other. How it will be, if you can perform all these tasks like make calls, receive and send SMS from PC. This would not only be really helpful for the working class, but everyone else who wants to try something new.

How to Receive and Send SMS from PC using Android?


Meet MightyText, an Android based app that allows you to remotely control your phone from anywhere in the world. For the MightyText Android app to work, you will need to have Internet access. That is, if your phone has an Internet connection the following features will work on your computer or tablet using your Android phone.

  • You can make a call.
  • Send a message
  • View your gallery and
  • Send any file from computer or tablet using your Android phone.

While your boss will think that you are diligently typing notes on your computer, in reality you’ll be texting.

How To Set MightyText up To Work On Computer

To get the MightText app to work, make use of the following instructions:

  • First download the MightyText app from Google Play Store on your Android phone. It is available as a free download.
  • When installing for the first time on your phone, you will need to go through a registration process. tap on the “Complete Setup” button to link your Google account with this app. 
  • After allowing this app to access your Google account, you are done from phone side.
  • MightyText app restration
    Now, to access your phone, you will need a tablet or a computer. Grab one and do the following:
  • Open any web browser on your computer
  • Enter this URL:
  • You will be asked to allow the same Google account that you had used while setting up the app on your phone.
  • Once you log in, you’ll be able to make calls, receive and send SMS from PC using Android phone also manage your contacts, photos and videos.

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It also shows you the battery percentage of your phone. MightyText has also some paid features. Here is a summary of all free and paid features.

Features of MightyText Application

1) You can read, reply and create a new message from your tablet or computer remotely.
2) You will get the notification on your browser while receiving a message or call on your Android mobile.
3) Easily make calls to your contacts.
4) Manage your contacts remotely.
5) Send any file from your office or anywhere to your phone.
6) You can manage your phone’s gallery such as photos and videos.
7) Uninstall your apps directly on the web browser.
8) Store your photos and videos on MightyText store. A free user will get 5GB and paid user will gat 100GB of storage.
9) You can schedule messages (Paid only feature).
10) Paid users also can change the theme, sync contacts and messages, use templates and many more.

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One of the benefits of MightyText is that it allows to perform task faster on computer than on mobile phone, so you can say MightyText saves your time. Though you can only initiate a phone call from your computer, but still you need to physically pick up the phone to continue the conversation.

Please remember that, MightyText only uses the Internet to control your Android phone, but standard messaging and calling rates will apply as per your SMS and call. In this way, you can make calls, receive and send SMS from PC using Android phone.


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