How to Make Free Calls Online to Any Number Via Poptox


To make free calls online to any number – both national and internation- is what everyone love. That is why in this tutorial, i will be demonstrating to you how to make free calls to any number in the world. Only a few messaging apps have applications has the online calling feature.

For example, you can presently call friends and families using WhatSapp messenger or by using BBM to connect with them. Free calling facility is also coming to Facebook messenger app. However, the disadvantage of using such instant messaging app for calling is that, you can only make free calls to someone who has installed the same apps.

In our last article, i shared top 5 best apps to video call on Android but there are times you need to communicate using voice call only. You can use voice call conference to hold important group or business meetings. With the recent crash in internet data price and emergence of cheap Android smartphones and tablets, making free calls online will possible be the replacement of the ‘normal’ calling via Airtime credit.


How to Make Free Calls Online Using POPTOX

POPTOX is web browser online service which allows you to make free internet calls to anywhere in the world. This service works perfectly well both in computer and mobile devices – Goole Chrome and Firefox browser are recommended.  POPTOX does not require any app or plugin.

If good internet connection is available in your location, you can make high quality online phone calls with this free service. I have tried it, and the voice output is commendable. Another interesting thing about this service is that, you can call any number in the world without registering an account.


Guide to Make Free Internet Calls

Make Free calls online via POPTOX

Simply follow the guide below:

  1. Open your browser on your computer or smartphone and go to
  2. On POPTOX homepage, you will see a ‘smartphone’ dial pad and country selector. It looks like a real smartphone and the dial tone sounds like a phone keypad.
  3. First, select the destination country from the drop down and then, enter the phone number that you want to call. Since the country has been selected, there will be no need to enter the country code.
  4. Now, press the green “Call” button just below the dial pad to initiate your call. You should get a prompt to give permission to the MIC. Click o “Allow” and you are good to go. If you get  “Mic Permission Denied”, it means your MIC was not configured correctly on your computer or phone.
  5. Finally, your smartphone or computer will start ringing just like a real phone call. Once the receiver answers it you can start talking with hin or her.


This is one of the best way to make free calls online to any number in any country. Countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, USA, UK and lots more are supported. However, you are limited to call any number 5 times per day and you get only 2 minutes call for each call you make. If your 5 slots are used up, you can use another device to make another five internet calls or wait till the next day to make free calls online.


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