How to make free global calls to any number with WhatsCall app


To make free global calls to any number is what everyone loves. That is why in this tutorial, i will be demonstrating to you how to make free global calls to any number in the world. Only a few messaging apps have applications has the global calling feature. Poptox has it but no longer support countries like Nigeria.

For example, you can presently call friends and families using WhatSapp messenger or by using BBM to connect with them. Free calling facility is also coming to Facebook messenger app. However, the disadvantage of using such instant messaging app for calling is that, you can only make free calls to someone who has installed the same apps.

In our last article, i shared top 5 best apps to video call on Android but there are times you need to communicate using voice call only. You can use voice call conference to hold important group or business meetings. With the recent crash in internet data price and emergence of cheap Android smartphones and tablets, making free global calls will possible be the replacement of the ‘normal’ calling via Airtime credit.

How to Make Free Global Calls Using WhatsCall App

Make free globall calls with WhatsCall

WhatsCall is a free app available on Android platform that allows you to make WhatsCall to to any number in the word and…. it’s free of charge! The best thing about the app is that your friends dont need to have it, for you to be able to call them.Be sure to tell them about WhatCall though, as it is at least 80% cheaper than your telecom provider!

Free Trial

WhatsCall app includes 50 cents (0.1$) free call credits, which is good for 15 minutes of calls (on average) to any foreign number. Imagine how much money you can save! Our statistics shows that over 60% of WhatsCall users who are using Free Calls have saved about N8,000 ($26) per month, that’s over N90,000 ($300) per year! Don’t you want to be one of them?

Say No to Hidden Charges

You call via WiFi or 3G/4G internet with WhatsCall and it doesnt matter where you call from. The call quality is super clear and you only pay for where you call to! 🙂

Caller ID’s

WhatsCall seamlessly integrates with your existing contact list. WhatsCall shows the caller ID and number from all incoming calls, saving you from having to deal with unwanted calls. Your friends will know it is you who’s calling!

No Phone Bills

WhatsCall free global call

WhatsCall uses an easy pre-paid system: you can earn yourself free credits (points) when you complete some simple task. These credits are used to make free global calls to any number in the world. For Nigeria numbers, you are charged 250 credits per 2 minutes talk time. Foreign calls are charged $25 per same duration time. Amazing right?

How to Get Free Credits

WhatsCall Tasks (2)

On launching into the easy-to navigate UI, you will notice the “get Free Credit” option. Tapping on it will reveal for options to earn free credits. “Just tap it” option is a free 100 credits giveaway for every user so you don’t have to stay stranded when you need to make that important call. “Tap & Install” gives you from 500 to 4.000 free credits when you install certain apps from playstore. By inviting your friends using the “Invite Friends” option to use the app. you get free 1,000 credits. While, “Complete Tasks”directs you to some apps you must install and play to get up to 50,000 free global calling credits.

Where to Get WhatsCall for Android

Where To Get Whatscall free global calling app? Click the link below to download and install Whatscall on your Android devices now and start making free call worldwide.

Android users =>Download WhatsCall Here<=


This is one of the best way to make free global calls to any number in any country. A good combo with Truecaller app that allows you unlock unknown caller ID’s on your smartphone. Call home and abroad with no extra charges using WhatsCall now. Use this guide to get unlimited credits.


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