Can’t Subscribe To MTN BB10 Plans? Here is The Fix


MTN BB10 plans offered by MTN Nigeria has been re-branded maybe following what GLO Nigeria did by slightly changing in their BIS plans. This re-branding of their package name has affected MTN Blackberry service users especially those using MTN BB10 plans to browse on Android devices and Laptops using Virtual Private Network like psiphon, Tweakware, Simple Android Server (Now Netloop), etc. Are you still unable to subscribe to the MTN BB10 package? Here is a fix.

What Really Happened To MTN BB10 plans?

Most users of the MTN Nigeria network have tried to subscribe to this service but  always get failed prompt RUBIZTECH.COM can confirm that the reason behind the subscription failure is because of their system upgrade.

Going through the blackberry plans (Click here to see details) you will notice that their package name is now BB MINI under which BBLITED, BBLITEW and BBLITEM have been regrouped under.

So if you have been wondering why you have been unable to carry out the  MTN BB10 subscription, know that the packages has not been blocked. Even though Facebook and WhatsApp turned their back on Blackberry, MTN NG won’t turn their back on them. They are currently running system upgrade that is why you get that failed error message.

MTN BB10 Plan

MTN BB10 Plan Subscription Failed error. / © Rubiztech

How To Fix MTN BB10 Plan

There are two possible ways to successfully fix and get your MTN BB10 plan running.

1. DM your phone number and the MTN BB10 plan you want to @MTN180 on MTN Nigeria Support twitter handle. They will send your a message requesting for confirmation, confirm by replying them and it will automatically be done for you.

MTN BB10 Plan

MTN BB10 Plan Subscription reply from MTN via Twitter. / © Rubiztech

2. U can dial *123# >3 data service >6 blackberry plans >3 BB10 MINI or simply dail *216*4# and choose either daily, weekly or monthly to get your desired plan activated.

Now, go ahead and perform your BB10 subscription plan as described above. Did it go through? Let us know by sharing your experience with us using the comment box below.


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