MTN new tariff plans drains faster, Have you noticed?


Have you noticed that the recently released MTN tariff plans is not really what they claim it is? From the newly launched data plans to the various promos they have been offering MTN subscribers this paste few weeks, it seems they have a hidden Terms and Condition attached it which is not on paper nor on their official website. The question is, are the new data plans a scam???

In my opinion, they have been trying to regain lost grounds especially after loosing about 2.6 million internet subscribers to other network, by introducing cheap plans to the data-tasting Nigeria community only for them to – from behind the scene – make the data worthless by charging higher per kilobyte used.

MTN 1.5GB and 3.5GB that is among the supposedly cheap plans, are not what they claim they are. I have tested both plans and it appears 1.5GB is just about 800MB and 3.5GB is about 1.6GB because both subscription finishes within days and not even weeks without downloading. Initially, I thought something else has eaten up my data only to get calls from fellow subscribers to confirm MTN is the culprit.


First, it was wrongly believed that the new promos and tariff introduced is to prepare the Y’ellow network for their 4G network launch in July but this action displayed simply means they truly deserve the iron-hand treatment been meted on them by NCC.

Recall that the South Africa Telco has been in the eyes of the storm after telecommunications umpire, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), planned to stop all regulatory services to MTN Nigeria over the N1.4 trillion (about $5.2bn) fine imposed on the network operator.

Rubiztech reported earlier that NCC is going to slamm a N5 million naira fine against MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria and Globacom for harassing Nigerians with unsolicited SMS and Calls. And now, i think this act of short-changing Nigerians should be added to the list too.


What Next?

Before this MTN issue came up, someone messaged me asking for a better internet subscription to purchase from MTN network. Though i resell MTN SME internet data plans, i advised him to dial *123# and pick any of the official MTN data bundles as it seems to be cheaper for him. He simply said “bros please, those plans are zapping data like crazy, i would rather buy the SME plans i used to buy from you” and that was when i decided to share this message so that readers won’t fall victim. See list of Cheap MTN plus other network data plans here.

Meanwhile, you may want to move to Airtel BIS on Android or Glo users can manage Glo BIS on Android as well. But be warned that Glo network has been generally terrible nationwide.

Who have subscribed to any of these packages? Does yours zap or the data charges are normal? Kindly let us know.


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