Get 10GB or more for ₦1,000 on MTN Nigeria StartPack tariff


The MTN Nigeria StartPack tariff plan has been running for a while now and many of us are unaware of how much ‘yafunfun’ you can actually get from it. When we wrote about StartPack few days back, it was only introduced as a new offer from MTN but today, you will know how to get up to 10GB for ₦1,000 on MTN Nigeria StartPack package.

The StartPack plan is similar to Welcome to Airtel Plan offered to new prepaid subscribers that allows customers to enjoy 5 times the value of every recharge, but that of MTN has a new twist to it: 6 times bonus on every recharge.

MTN Nigeria StartPack is a special tariff plan that allows New MTN customers to enjoy 500% bonus on any recharge of their choice. That means, if you recharge N100, you get N600; N200 gives you N1,200; N500 gives you N3,000; N1,000 gives you N6,000 and so on.

After trying out this plan for the past few days, we realized that after loading a minimum of ₦100, you can use up to 1GB and your money will still be intact. Interestingly, it does not fall in the categories of MTN data plans that drains carelessly without you using the data.

MTN Nigeria StartPack Tariff

Supported Devices

√ Android Devices
√ IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)
√ Symbian devices
√ Windows Phone
√ Java phones
√ PC ( laptop, desktop)

Does MTN Nigeria StartPack Tariff Support All Sim Cards?

This is one of MTN Nigeria cheapest means of internet data offer ever, but unfortunately, it does not support all MTN SIM Card. You will have to get a new MTN sim card to activate this plan. This means, if your Sim card is above 6 months, this plan will not work for you.

How to activate 10GB Plus for ₦100?

You will need at least ₦100 to activate 1GB. You will get a message like this “Your StartPack balance is N100.00;Bonus bal N500:00; Expires Jun 11 2016. Data bonus bal 0MB. Expires 0. Stay on this plan to continue enjoying Ur 6X offer.” Simply switch oFF and ON your data and start browsing.

You don’t need to load the ₦1,000 at a stretch. You will use 1GB on each of the 100naira Airtime you recharged and 100naira x 10 is = 10GB. The accumulated 1k balance will still be there untouched. Use it to subscribe to MTN data plan of 1.5GB for 1k (Dial *123# to subscribe) making a total of 11.5GB for 1K all together.

When you finish the 1.5GB for 1K you can then start buying another set of 100naira MTN Airtime just like you did before. That’s it! This is how you’ll be doing for the next 6months. After 6 months, your StartPack sim expires on the 6th month, you will have to get another new sim and repeat the steps above. Let’s hope MTN still keeps this tariff plan by then.

To activate it, check here.

…. Other MTN Data Updates

MTN has surely revamped their data plans by making it cheaper. Few days ago, MTN Nigeria introduced a new internet data plan dubbed MTN Deal Zone that offers 500% bonus with amazing deals that enable you browse, chat and connect with family and loved ones at unbeatable rates.

We have seen one of the MTNSurprises that offers a whooping N24,500 worth of MTN Airtime bonus and an extra 1.6GB internet data for just N5,000 to all his customers.

Rubiztech also reported how MTN New Offer was, and still is, ditching out N3,875 worth of Airtime bonus and an extra 300MB internet data for just N1,000 to all his customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get browsing and let us know your experience using the MTN Nigeria StartPack tariff plan.


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