Activate MTN XtraVoice Bundle4U for More Calls and Data


If you are looking for a plan that offers more of bonus calls and data, MTN XtraVoice Bundle4U is for you! MTN Bundle4U is a bundle offer that gives you airtime for national calls, international calls to some selected countries, national SMS and volume of data for internet browsing. Pretty tempting right? Let’s see what more XtraVoice has to ditch out.

MTN XtraVoice Bundle4U is divided into two: XtraVoice and XtraData. While XtraVoice is the Bundle4U that gives subscribers more airtime to call your loved ones across other networks, XtraData is a Bundle4U that gives you more data to access the internet when you recharge your MTN line.

What you need to know on XtraVioce MTN Bundle

N300 N500 N1000 N2000 N5000
Purchase command to 131 V300*300*10# V500*300*11# V1000*300*12# V2000*300*13# V5000*300*14#
Bundle Cost N300 N500 N1000 N2000 N5000
Product Name XtraTalk 300 XtraTalk 500 XtraTalk 1000 XtraTalk 2000 XtraTalk 5000
Airtime to be credited in voice dedicated account N975.00 N1,950 N3,875 N9,750 N24,500
Data volume to be credited in data dedicated account 50MB 100MB 312.50MB 625MB 1666.67MB
Selected International Destinations
  • USA,
  • UK Fixed,
  • Italy
  • France,
  • Hong kong
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Australia Fixed
  • Canada
  • China
Validity 7 days 7 days 14 days 30 days 30 days

Who can subscribe to MTN Bundle4u?

  • All MTN Prepaid and e-post-paid customers EXCEPT those on MTN BetaTalk tariff plan will be able to buy the Bundle4U.

How will Beta Talk customers enjoy MTN Bundle4U?

  • Customers on BetaTalk tariff plan will have to migrate to other eligible plans to buy the Bundle 4u.

I am on BetaTalk, how can I buy any of the Bundle4U?

  • To purchase any of the Bundle4U, simply migrate to any of the other Prepaid tariff plans.

How many types of MTN Bundle4U are available?

  • There are ten (10) types of MTN Bundle4U, 5 (five) XtraVoice and 5 (five) XtraData.

How do I buy any of the MTN Bundle4U?

  • To buy any of the MTN Bundle4U, simply text the bundle keyword to 131.

How much will I be charged for buying the MTN Bundle4U?

  • You will be charged the applicable bundle rate.

How many times can I buy the MTN Bundle4U?

  • You will be able to buy different Bundle4U.

If I migrate to BetaTalk plan after purchasing the MTN Bundle4U, will I be able to use it on BetaTalk plan?

  • No, you will NOT be able to use the Bundle4U once you migrate the BetaTalk plan.

Will my Bundle4U auto-renew?

  • Yes, your Bundle4U renews automatically once you have enough airtime and you will receive a notification message before the bundle expires.

What happens after I exhaust my bundle and did not renew it?

  • Your calls will be charged from your main account and at your tariff plan rate.
How do I check my bundle balance?
  • To check your Bundle4U balance, simply dial dial *559*17#.

What happens after I exhaust my bundle and did not renew?

  • All calls and SMS will be deducted from the main account and at the tariff plan rate.

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