Dump Netflix! Get NollyLand “Netflix Of Nigeria”


NollyLand a.ka. “Nexflix Of Nigera” is set to take over the Nigeria movie and TV shows streaming service and break the long hold of popular Netflix from this part of the world. Still paying for Netflix service? Here are 6 other reasons to consider before subscribing to Netflix.

An innovative mind can never be over emphasized at any point in time and no doubt can never be neglected in the society. For an average person, when they come across an innovation, they either discriminate it or just make use of it but when an innovative or creative person comes across same innovation, they look beyond the service it provides and looks forward to have something of that range or possibly supersedes it.

When Dr Ngozi Victoria Uti came across Roku streaming device and Netflix in 2011, it came upon her that she can possibly deliver something of the nature for her people back home in Nigeria.

In 1997, she moved to Detroit in the United States of America and registered for her degree program in Computer Science in Northern Kentucky University and later a M.Sc in Indiana University. She later continued her pursuit in the Computer Science when she got her Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.

Having attained an enviable height in Computer technology, she moved to register her own tech and entertainment company, named NollyLand Direct Ltd which is now referred to as “Netflix of Nigeria”.

In her words, “I knew that Nigeria’s movie industry was booming, it had become the second largest film industry in the world by the time i finished my Ph.D in 2011. When I first saw a Roku streaming device and Netflix, I immediately knew that I could create something like that for Nigerian movies.”

She eventually registered NollyLand in 2011 and it has experienced a rapid growth since it launched in May 2014 with more than 160,000 users around the world downloading the cross-platform NollyLand app on mobile devices.

Her plan for NollyLand is that it takes over the world and deliver more hours for streaming video to its teeming viewers and app users.

Dr Uti is happily married to Dr Jonathan Reynolds, a Ph.D in African History and blessed with two beautiful children, William and Ojie.

In other news, despite the obvious advantages of Netflix, it has some downsides that may discourage you from subscribing. Netflix has announced that it will stop subscribers from using internet proxies and VPN to view content that is not available in their countries.



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