Ntel 4G LTE begins Commercial Sales of 0804 Lines April 8


Nigerian Telecommunication, Nigeria’s own ntel 4G LTE operator has announced plans for the first phase roll out its commercial services to the public. This is an exciting news for Nigerians as this will make the telecommunication space more competitive. Now that they are coming out big, have you reserved your number? We shall discuss how to reserve numbers towards the tail end of this article.

Late last year, Nitel come back with full force to take over the telecom industry. Not NITEL again but Nigerian Telecommunication (NTEL).

Natcoms had last year paid $252.52 million to acquire the assets of the defunct first national operator (NITEL), to begin commercial operation on its mobile network. Despite the growth of the telecoms sector in Nigeria which has seen voice subscriptions rise from less than 60,000 in 2001 to over 147 million as at 2015, broadband usage has only grown by 20 per cent. NATCOM has come to fill the gap bringing Nigerians unfettered access to full mobile broadband both on voice and data services.

The consortium promised to launch 4G Long Term Evolution Technology (LTE) services suggesting that the revamped NITEL may focus on data services from the outset. In the onset, they plan to launch 4G data services  in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt before it will finally roll out to other states.

Early last month, the Nigeria’s 4G LTE operator announced an exciting pre-launch opportunity to early pre-subscribers as it prepares to enter the market to boost the nation’s $32 billion telecommunications sector.

In the pre-launch camapaign, It said the first batch of subscribers (hundreds of thousands) to reserve their numbers on the NTEL 4G LTE network, and subsequently SIM-activate after launch, will be recognized as pioneers on Nigeria’s newest mobile network. Yo this end, ntel launched its website allowing you to choose your own personalize ntel numbers.

Today, progress has been made again; ntel would begin the first phase rollout with the commercial sales of its 0804 mobile line on April 8 in Lagos and Abuja.

Its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kamar Abass, while announcing the rollout plan in Lagos said although the company acquired some base transceiver stations (BTS) from the old NITEL, it also entered partnership agreement with IHS and Helios Towers, builders of BTS and other telecoms infrastructure, to roll out 600 base stations for the commercial rollout in Lagos and Abuja, with plans to extend the rollout plan to Port Harcourt with additional 200 BTS, also known as base stations.

According to Abass, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the telecommunications industry regulator, has approved all licence authorisations necessary for ntel to launch its Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network using next generation telecommunications infrastructure for its first phase rollout in April.

He said ntel had deployed 200 kilometres of metro fibre optic transmission cables in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, for seamless network connectivity during the rollout.

The CEO of ntel also added that ntel had deployed LTE Advanced, the latest 4G technology with multi-antennae sites.

Abass said Natcoms Investments Limited, the parent company of ntel has projected over $1 billion investments over the next four years, for its rollout plan, which he said, would be in phases.

To ensure smooth take off of its mobile network rollout plan, ntel has completed the construction of Tier III Datacentre as well as reactivation of SAT-3 submarine international fibre optic cable.

Just one little tiny winy issue. Have you tried reserving your number since the pre-launch last month? It is nearly impossible to get it done.


Any ways, these are some of the reasons they gave why it has not been possible for Nigerians to eat from this national cake.

If you cannot reserve your number, received an error message or get a notification at this moment, it is possibly one of five reasons:
1. The number(s) you selected has/have already been reserved. You may need to choose another number.
2. You did not enter your details correctly.
3. Your internet connection failed at some point during your experience on ntel.com.ng.
4. This is a high-traffic page and many people are making reservations. Please be patient and try again.
5. Your mail server is not responsive.

What To Do?

When ever you are met with *Not Available*, don’t give up. choose another number. Just bear in mind that thousands of persons are in a hurry to reserve theirs at that particular time. so, persistence is the key.

In some other case, after successfully getting *Number Available* and you click on RESERVE, you will meet an empty page. The first impulse is to go back to the previous page. But the best thing to do is to refresh that page over and over again and evetually you will get a success as shown below.



Final Word

For sure, ntel 4G LTE will make a lot of sense. With fingers crossed, just keep reading and we’ll tell you about our experiences come 8th of April 2016. Meanwhile, let us know by using the comment box below if you have been able to reserve you 5 numbers or any issues you are facing..

Reserve here: http://ntel.com.ng/


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