Ntel 4G LTE Network is here: SEE how to reserve your number


NTEL 4G LTE is here! Nigerian Telecommunication (NTEL), Nigeria’s 4G LTE operator has announced an exciting pre-launch opportunity to early pre-subscribers as it prepares to enter the market to boost the nation’s $32 billion telecommunications sector.

What We Already Know About NTEL 4G LTE

NATCOM Consortium, the winner of the bid for the moribund Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL), returned into the telecom scene last year October as NTEL offering 4G Long Term Evolution Technology (LTE) cheaper data services.

Couples of weeks ago, they launched the first ever VoLTE call in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt and this alone revive expectant hope of Nigerians.

If you don’t know, NTEL had (through NITEL) broadband facilities that traversed the entire country and that once revived, it would boost transmission of broadband capacities from the shores of Nigeria to places in the hinterlands, where the demand is high.

Campaign Begins: Become NTEL’s pioneers

It said the first batch of subscribers (hundreds of thousands) to reserve their numbers on the NTEL 4G LTE network, and subsequently SIM-activate after launch, will be recognised as pioneers on Nigeria’s newest mobile network.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of NTEL, Kamar Abass, said that this will mark them out as among the first to reap the company’s promise of abundant broadband on its pure-play advanced 4G LTE network.

The month-long number reservation campaign, which opened yesterday, will run till April 8, 2016. It offers prospective subscribers who log on to the NTEL’s website, ntel.com.ng, the opportunity to pick and reserve up to five numbers of their choice and, provided they register in time, are eligible to become NTEL’s pioneers.

The Competition

NTEL is entering a vibrant and exciting market with four established players but it hopes to make a mark quickly with its full commercial launch of high-definition voice, video and high-speed internet access services over advanced 4G LTE. NTEL’s network is built on the 900/1800 Mhz which is recognised as the most widely used frequencies for the deployment of 4G/LTE technology.

Abass said, “We expect to see more than 50 million 4G/LTE subscribers in Nigeria by 2020 and NTEL is delighted to be leading this transformation towards that critical mass of customers.”

How Can I Choose my Own Personalize Ntel Number?

  • Go to ntel.com.ng
  • Click on Reserve your number
  • Choose your own number
  • Fill in necessary information in the field available and Ntel will contact you to come pick up your personalize number when its ready to launch.

Ntel 4G LTE will make a lot of sense. I am just pretty concern about how their data prices will look like. Tell us if you have successfully chosen your personalize number in the comment. I have reserved my special number all the way.


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