Opera Browser Now Has built-in VPN For Better Online Privacy


The latest desktop version update of Opera Browser now has built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) that will give you better online privacy and help bypass sites with restricted access. This is huge especially to those who uses public network but are restricted from accessing certain sites of interest.

VPNs can allow employees to securely access a corporate intranet while travelling outside the office. Similarly, VPNs can securely connect geographically separated offices of an organization, creating one cohesive network. VPN technology is also used by individual Internet users to secure their wireless transactions, to circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship, and to connect to proxy servers for the purpose of protecting personal identity and location.

Opera Browser now comes with free VPN

According to Global Web Index*, more than half a billion people (24% of the world’s internet population) have tried or are currently using VPN services. According to the research, the primary reasons for people to use a VPN are:

– To access better entertainment content (38%)
– To keep anonymity while browsing (30%)
– To access restricted networks and sites in my country (28%)
– To access restricted sites at work (27%)
– To communicate with friends/family abroad (24%)
– To access restricted news websites in my country (22%)

This is a timely move by Opera as the new service came at a time where content providers, such as Netflix, have become more strict on blocking users from accessing content not in their region. Moreover, this will be very handy for free browsing tricks presently available in Nigeria.

Some of the features Opera Free VPN Offers Include:

  • Hide your IP address – Opera will replace your IP address with a virtual IP address, so it’s harder for sites to track your location and identify your computer. This means you can browse the web more privately.
  • Unblocking of firewalls and websites – Many countries, schools and workplaces block video-streaming sites, social networks and other services. By using a VPN you can access your favorite content, no matter where you are.
  • Public Wi-Fi security – When you’re surfing the web on public Wi-Fi, intruders can easily sniff data. By using a VPN, you can improve the security of your personal information

According to Opera, speeds under the VPN will be fast enough for users to watch some HD content, although Full HD (that’s 1,920×1,080 pixel resolution) will require some buffering. Rubiztech gathered that there will be no plan for a paid version ever making the native integrated VPN a free, unlimited, works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any subscription. Opera wants to make VPNs available to everyone.

However, it is not clear whether the VPN service will work in China. The browser company there are reports that the browser company will soon be sold to a Chinese consortium, and use of VPN services are typically frowned upon behind the Great Firewall of China.

How To Get This Opera Browser with Free VPN

A developer version of the browser can be downloaded here.


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